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So the Sightless Might See
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 13, 2013) Doghouse Boxing
Horse binder on a human
Blinders are used on horses to restrict their vision, primarily to the rear and sides of them. It's a tactic used by horse trainers, who believe that this method keeps the horse's focus on the race ahead of him instead of his surroundings. It's a preventative measure to isolate and close off distractions from the animal. A blinder can also be identified as a bag that is often put over a complicated horse's head when it's being dealt with during daily operations in the horse racing world. It's appears that the boxing public has been wearing blinders all the while and haven't even realized it.

It's not that we want to seem stupid; it's just that we've been doing it for so long now that it has become customary to us. Old habits die hard.

Accepting what is force fed to us; we buy into the hype machine when it is firing perfectly on all cylinders, consuming us and telling us what to think in the process. Network darling is going to fight unranked (and relatively "unknown" for that matter) so-and-so for one of the several trinkets that each sanctioning body determines is the most important. Like hanging fish food over a barrel, the powers that be dangle this artificial nourishment over fighters, offering a taste but never making due on their empty promises to deliver an actual meal. Instead they opt to give opportunity where there is none, chance to those who haven't earned it, and glory to lesser opponents above better pugilists who lie in wait - hungry.

The writing is on the wall and has been for some time yet we have chosen to ignore its message. Having the power to change the outlook of boxing and where it is headed really begins with us at the ground level as fans. And it doesn't stop there.

It is the responsibility of the general public to defend the honor of "The Sweet Science" instead of trying to tear down the very foundation that has been put up to protect it.

Each individual in the world creates their own destiny and the opinions we formulate about boxing and what we say, think, do and feel regarding the sport also effect the very outcome and future of boxing. So the next time a network tries to swindle you on a bout, or a personality that you know doesn't garner the build-up or coverage that is being granted to them you have the choice to do something about it.

You can refuse to buy into their misinformation while saving the sport in the process. Or better yet why not write an article about it? Or tell someone what you really thought? Couldn't hurt, right? Because after all, don't you think it's time we took our blinders off for once and saw the whole picture for what it honestly is? Take a look around sometime, you'd be amazed at what you'll find when you actually open your eyes.


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