Be Careful Of The Company You Keep: The Boxing “Fan” Dilemma
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Be Careful Of The Company You Keep: The Boxing “Fan” Dilemma
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (May 20, 2013)

Cowards typically have big mouths, act childish, have small brains in a big head and even smaller hearts.
(Cowards typically have big mouths, act childish, have small brains in a big head and even smaller hearts.)
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Pugilism has had a serious problem on its hands for quite some time now. The problem itself happens to be an internal one that is eating the discipline from the inside out, much like the progressive stage of a serious affliction or disease. You see, there are boxing “fans”, a term used quite loosely for comparison, who not only could care less about the sweetest of sciences but also have their own twisted agenda surrounding the sport and its eventual direction. Like the leeches and harbingers of disaster that they are, these self-proclaimed aficionados and purveyors of boxing main purpose in life is to call every fighter a “bum” that they themselves seem undeserving or lackluster. The reason this becomes an issue all too often is because the ones doing the name calling typically are not boxers nor have they ever been.

Meaning they have never stepped a foot in any type of gym before at all. They’ve never smelled sweat and blood and desperation in the air. Never known what it was like to have their eyes sting from sweat as they continued to work out past the point of exhaustion and then some. To call someone like that an armchair anything would be a compliment because they are the lowest form of humanity that there is. Granted, there are surely some boxers who are not as skilled as others or have weaker chins or less power, but never under any circumstances should they ever be referred to as “bums”. If you want to call someone a “bum” then you need to be standing a foot in front of these guys you consider “bums” with a mouthpiece of your own, gloves laced up and ready to prove their lack of worth by putting up. If not, then shut up already because you’re a coward.

Cowards typically have big mouths, small brains, and even smaller hearts. It’s relatively easy to call any boxer a “bum” when you’re not the one doing the actual fighting in the ring. If these clowns were actually ever really in the ring then they would more than likely become a part of their own proverbial “Bum-Of-The-Month” club or live on “Tomato Can Alley”. The most disheartening and disrespectful comments have come in regard to the late Arturo “Thunder” Gatti (40-9/31 KOs) (R.I.P. Champ), who when inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame this year raised a few questions among the peanut gallery out there. How dare any of you question if Gatti deserves a place at the IBHOF? With writers and actors and everyone else getting a nod, who if anyone would be far more deserving than a fighter who gave his very heart and soul in the ring and never gave up and fought anyone. Arturo Gatti was a warrior and should be honored and not ridiculed by cowards that hide behind their keyboards.

To be called a “bum” is literally the worst slight that can be made when talking about a boxer, whether they are a professional or amateur. It is the lowest of the low and its impact can definitely be felt among the boxing world. With so much these days being predicated on public opinion via the internet, the ramifications of being coined a “bum” are vast and significant, as it’s not as easy to just brush things off your shoulder anymore unfortunately. It’s worse when a fighter isn’t around anymore and you have these people who as mentioned before like to call themselves “fans” but are nothing more than blood suckers who pollute the sport with their negative viewpoints and lack of knowledge or appreciation for the art.

Boxing review is very opinionated, and it has to be. There are clear-cut decisions and victory and then there are ones that don’t play out as easily. One person sees a fight one way and another differently and so on and so forth. It’s a repetitive cycle that runs its course and starts back up all over again once the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled. It’s the way it’s always been and we like it for that reason. Boxing is not dead and will never die. It’s one of the oldest disciplines known to man and will outlast us all long after the peanut gallery fades away and gets rightfully cracked and crushed. As observers or participants it is our right and obligation to give one another our views, yet there still remains a fine line that we should never cross when that line snaps and we end up leaving boxing hanging by a thread because of our lack of choice words. Opinion is opinion and nothing more. Insult is something different altogether.

Be careful of the company you keep because you may be in the presence of one of these “fans”. You might even be one yourself and not even know it. Or you could intentionally be that way, trying to gnaw and bite away at the inner fabric of boxing hoping to shred it from the inside out. But the fabric of boxing is far stronger than you’ll ever be along with your miserable viewpoint, that’s just guaranteed. Fair-weather “fans” aren’t needed in boxing and you will not only be exposed but lose your credibility day-by-day as long as you continue to open your wretched mouths and allow waste to spew forth. Give it a rest already you’re not needed.

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