Why Fighters Should Be The Only Ones Calling The Shots
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Why Fighters Should Be The Only Ones Calling The Shots
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (July 20, 2013)

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The boxing media is biased, unjust and out of their minds. They have built a predisposed hierarchy that is solely based on slanted viewpoints and hype personified. It is the writers and newsmen’s names and opinions that become highlighted more so than any fighter’s accomplishments in the ring, and it is on the backs of boxers that these “experts” build their careers and egos up to a whole other level. Mind you none of these so-called men have ever fought inside of the ring, outside of it, or even in a dark or semi-light alleyway for that matter. Their expertise is based on hypothesis and nothing more.

No practical or real world knowledge, just a general assumption as to what they think is going on, what happened, what may or may not happen, and who they think or do not think is worthy of kudos in their skewed views. These journalistic lapdogs and “yes men” have built a subculture of the lowest level, a layer of filth so worthless and condescending that even if they wanted to find a way out of the muck they wouldn’t – for sake of losing their status or position among the masses. To call them pathetic is a compliment. To call them knowledgeable, obscene. To listen to their opinions, irrelevant. To ask their advice, asinine.

Commentators and journalists in general spend more time reading or listening to their own opinions and expounding on what they said about something else they said prior to that. They love the sound of their own voices or the ring of their words all jumbled together. And they’re easy to spot. They’re everywhere. Literally. Tune in to any fight or boxing event period on any given day and there they will be. Any major corporate funded or even non-funded website and they’ll be there. Lying in wait, hoping for the next big story to break or plagiarize.

The only thing honest about these people is how much they are fooling the public into believing their lies. It’s a full time job and no one is the wiser these days. Hype is king. Publicity, advertising and bullshit are the courses of the day and they will fill up the average fan as fast as humanly possible. Rhetoric and pabulum floods social media, television, boxing telecasts and websites at a maximum pace. Typically the ones defending these positions are the guilty parties. Revealing and even challenging such elitist and delusional journalism in boxing isn’t favorably looked upon, as it is far easier to tend the flock when their eyes are covered completely.

Enter the professional prizefighter. Hungry, knowledgeable about boxing from the ground up and hopefully not yet jaded or delusional about the game. Because it is a game. In the purest sense it is about two boxers going toe-to-toe but outside of the purism it is a game. Boxing is a game of manipulation and deceit outside of the ring. About those who do not fight making decisions and rules and moves over those who do. Some say without all the others involved in boxing that fighters would have nothing. If there were no fighters then the clingers on and users would have nothing. It’s really just that simple. Their success and unjust rewards are earned by the blood, sweat, tears and hours in the gym spent by those brave enough to fight for the cowards who will not.

On to boxing commentators. They are worthless and unnecessary. Repeat, they are worthless and unnecessary. When you condition someone to a specific voice or opinion that is really all you are doing. Their formulated opinions and biased natures silence and sedate the masses tenfold. Legions of fans get their views from guys who do not care about boxing, where it has been, or where it is headed.

They care about making a statement, swaying the public in one way or another, and building an underlying resentment for boxers that they themselves may not like. Herd mentality is a hell of a thing but works wonders in sports media, specifically with boxing as its testing ground. Time and time again commentators and “experts”, that’s right “experts” will tell fans what to think. When all the while they themselves not only don’t know what they are looking at but could care less of the outcome.

Granted not everyone can have as much passion in their careers as boxers do. While their profession is truly one of the toughest out there, it is their desire to fight and fight hard that leaves the rest of us in such awe and amazement. Sadly, in modern times admiring or even being a true fan of a boxer will get you labeled as a “dick rider”. Seriously. Add in that herd or sheepish mentality and such a weak and useless descriptive becomes standard in boxing circles.

Fans”, note the term is used very loosely here, corrupt and pollute the sport from the inside out making a mockery of boxing and what it stands for. Fighters fight one another and people look up to them for their courage, honor and brutality. Nothing more. Shook ones sit on the sidelines and run their mouths without ever having to face their fears or another man in the squared circle. Both convenient and telling on the same token.

The problem is obvious and has been identified. The solution? Allow fighters to work fights as commentators and analysts as well as participants and judges. It could be done. Eliminate the biased commentary and garbage that spews forth from corporate puppets whose only real purpose is to delude and trick the casual boxing fan into viewpoints that are not their own. Television alters your brainwaves, announcers numb them.

By establishing an all fighter panel during boxing telecasts fans would be afforded the rare opportunity to listen to people who actually know the sport (and don’t pretend to) and can really break things down in the ring past the generalities and hype riddled bullshit that we are all accustomed to typically. Blow-by-blow analysis would reach another level, as fighters could offer rare insight and technical observations that no newspaperman or overweight writer with mustard stains on his shirt ever could. Honestly. It is one thing to listen to a media person call a fight and something else altogether when a boxer does it. Would you listen to music made by yelping dogs? Probably not.

Although all this is, is nothing more than mere speculation and hypothesis once more. Just a mere suggestion really. Boxers are the ones who fight in the ring and are the true “experts”. Not writers, fair-weather fans, commentators, newspaper jockeys, casual observers, trainers (unless they fought), corner men (same deal), managers, publicists, radio interviewers, cut men, promoters, club owners, investors, or t-shirt salesmen. Get it? Fighters would actually bring some color commentary to the drab ass shit that the networks are trying to sell boxing fans on. Next time you watch a major fight be sure to watch it with the sound OFF. You’ll be surprised at what you really see once the bees stop buzzing in your ear.

Jason Petock responds to all his emails. Please send all questions and comments to Jason at: boxingwarrior@hotmail.com

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