Danny "Little Mac" McDermott Comes Home a Champion
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Danny "Little Mac" McDermott Comes Home a Champion
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 22, 2014)

Danny "Little Mac" McDermott (11-5-2/ 5 KOs)
Danny "Little Mac" McDermott (11-5-2, 5 KOs)
Danny "Little Mac" McDermott (11-5-2, 5 KOs) of Jersey City, New Jersey via North Bergen, New Jersey (perennial stomping grounds of blue collar fighter and legend James "The Cinderella Man" Braddock 46-24-4/ 26 KOs) recently won an impressive TKO victory in the 6th round at 2:28 in General Santos City, Cotabato del Sur, Phillippines against Ronnel Esparas (10-15-1/ 2 KOs), a crafty ring veteran ranked the 6th top Welterweight in the Phillippines.

McDermott captured the WBC Asian Boxing Counsil Silver Light Welterweight title as a result of the beating and overall destruction of Esparas in his own backyard.

"Little Mac" has been grinding away as a professional alone, behind the scenes now for almost 10 years. With professional and personal ties to the late, truly great Arturo "Thunder" Gatti (40-9/ 31 KOs), and blood ties and roots to the East Coast with an emphasis on the New Jersey and New York areas, Danny McDermott has no plans on going anywhere anytime soon - unless that is of course straight to the top.

I had the rare and fortunate opportunity to interview Danny a few years back, February 2006 to be exact, and the first thing that stood out for me was his honesty, determination and drive. Some may say that a person cannot determine those things by a mere interview alone. I beg to differ. The character and focus that McDermott had back then, over 8 years ago, remains to this day. The proof is in his Championship. That same fire that rests in a boxer's gut, the same burn that can never be put out not matter the cost or risk, this is part of "Little Mac" as a fighter and a man. Old school comes to mind. Relentless. Dedicated. Much in the same ways that James Braddock worked his fingers to the bone and chased his dreams no matter the price, so too has this victorious Jersey native and pugilist. That true to nature blue collar work ethic and Irish pride are two things that are unfaltering and unwavering to say the least.

When we first spoke, McDermott opened up about his early favorites growing up in the sport of boxing, saying "Wow, my earliest memories would have to be cheering on Barry McGuigan as a young child with my dad. I wound up becoming a huge McGuigan fan because of him. Then of course 85-91 was the Mike Tyson era. He was a huge role model for me. I still have a great respect for him, so many people like to judge others but I'm sure those who judge have skeletons in their closets too. Everybody makes mistakes. It's life and in life we learn from mistakes. Mike Tyson is a hero of mine and will always be. Throughout the 90's I was a huge, huge fan of former Heavyweight prospect Jeremy Williams. I don't care what people say, his first 25 fights, not including his losses were great. He was a power house. My first pair of trunks I got made to look like his, and I shaved my head (laughs). Of course Arturo was a hero of mine because he was from the same neighborhood I was from, and after the Wilson Rodriguez fight how could you not love him? I liked (Oscar) De La Hoya too."

But it was his resolve and strength of character that stood out most. I asked him what he would like people to remember about him in 10 years time during our interview. He was candid with his reply, offering: "That I was a tough, talented fighter and I was entertaining and gave the fans their money's worth. I want to be remembered as a 'blood and guts' warrior that doesn't give up and comes to fight and I wouldn't mind being remembered as a World Champion…that would be nice. I just have to make it happen."

Eight years later and after many miles of roadwork, the sweat in the gyms, sparring, the blood, Danny "Little Mac" McDermott has found his path as a Champion - and clearly made it happen.

Congratulations Danny. A Champion is made - not born - and you are forged from the fire and embers of greats like Braddock, Gatti, McGuigan and Tyson. May your recent victory give you the peace and serenity of being a Champion, the continuing fire to defend your crown and take others, and a reminder of where you have come from and where you are going.

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