The Newest Pride of the Philippines: Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas
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The Newest Pride of the Philippines: Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 25, 2013)

Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas
Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas
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The Philippines has established a long developing and richly cultivated love affair with boxing over the years. The island nation and its rightfully proud people are cut from just the right cloth to produce a few of the finest and most talented boxers on the globe.

The ledger of Champions that have hailed from the Philippines reads like a literal who’s who in boxing, even if there are those of us on this side of the waters who may have never heard of them, or don’t know our boxing history that is. There are the household names that the majority of the casual boxing fans out there prefer and tend to relate to more. A name like Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao (54-5-2/38 KOs) comes to the minds of most general pundits typically when looking to define an essential Filipino fighter, or at least someone they are relatively familiar with that is. Boxing historians, however, tend to delve even a little further into the island’s loaded boxing past and expose some other big names, maybe the other true Champions, or those fighters who maybe the occasional PPV watcher or fair-weather spectator doesn’t know about, but should? Guys like Gabriel “Flash“ Elorde (89-27-2/33 KOs) and Filipino American Brian “Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (32-4/19 KOs) naturally fit the bill when it comes to this category and what these names truly mean to boxing and the Philippines as a people. Looking ahead at the future of boxing it seems only fair enough to throw into the arena a far newer but definitely relevant name into the landscape and expose the next big thing to come out of the Philippines to date.

Introduce Jerwin “Pretty Boy” Ancajas (17-1-1/9 KOs), a bantamweight who unfortunately for his competition but thankfully for us fights southpaw and has been making huge waves in professional boxing as he blasts through the ranks with fierce determination and a will and desire to win big and win often. At 21 years of age, Jerwin is steadily progressing along in his career under the watchful tutelage of Joven Jimenez; a man of many hats who astoundingly but not uncommonly serves as Ancajas’ trainer, manager, matchmaker and promoter. Unlike in the states where deals are cut as quickly as the checks are sometimes, fighters in the Philippines must struggle and scrape not only to find adequate resources for training but also just to get fights. Add in the very obvious factor that Jerwin is a talented young prospect with great things on the horizon and fights southpaw, you could easily see the dilemma that would be presented to his team. In a nutshell this young, promising talent and his team are looking for fights.

Jerwin Ancajas is on the market for a promoter and there is no hype or pretense about anything Team Ancajas does. Talented, throwback, unique and gifted are all honest and relative terms that can and will be used not only here but in the immediate future by many about Jerwin once they see him work in the ring. He is really that good and now the rest of the world and the United States need to take notice of the next huge superstar to come out of the Philippines and make way.

Hype tends to be something that occurs a great deal in boxing and particularly in its journalism, especially here in the states. Yet every few years there comes along a fighter who transcends this propaganda and hard sell and gains popularity and interest because of what their fists are able to accomplish in the ring and not how much they run their mouths outside of it. Jerwin Ancajas is this type of boxer. Why he hasn’t already been picked up by a promoter in the United States is insulting, not only to the fighter himself but really to boxing in general. True talent and discipline combined with an honest work ethic is not something that should be overlooked. Given the current teetering state of boxing an injection of new, pure ability is just the face-lift that the sport needs this side of the border and Ancajas is just the fighter to make this happen.

The numbers just don’t lie either people. Jerwin’s last three fights have ended in TKO, and he has proven during his blossoming career that he can either bang or box depending on the circumstances. He has around a 48% KO ratio which holds true to him being a boxer/puncher, and having fought 110 rounds already he is well on his way to future successes as long as the right fights can be made for him with the proper exposure.

“Pretty Boy” Ancajas is the “Real McCoy” ladies and gentleman and all that he needs is a platform and chance to show the rest of us just how remarkably sensational he really is. That’s where the promoters out there looking for real fighters need to come into play. It’s up to you to become a part of history and place your bets not only on the future but with a winner. Tired of coming up short? You won’t have to with Jerwin Ancajas, that’s guaranteed.

This promising young pugilist from Cavite City also won the WBO Asia Pacific Youth Super Flyweight Title back in 2011. As a professional he is already proven in his country and is now looking to branch out further beyond the realm of his beautiful homeland over the waters successfully landing here in the United States with both fists flying. Jerwin Ancajas possesses all of the youth, experience, boxing ability and punching power to not only be a legitimate contender on in the U.S. boxing circuit but the world. All he needs is the opportunity to showcase his talent. Ancajas is destined to become the new pride of the Philippines and with a little guidance, the right connections and a few more fights under his belt that dream will become a reality.

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