Mike Tyson - Cast in “Iron”
By Jason Petock (April 9, 2009) Doghouse Boxing  
Sharing my Sunday afternoon this weekend with a History paper, research online, and catching up on my boxing news and abuse updates, I was more than pleasantly surprised to see a few positive things in my e-mail box, both referring to Tyson, and an upcoming documentary on him. Being the massive Mike Tyson fan that I am and always have been, I linked to a few different pages about this upcoming film and the involvement of Tyson in it. This is going to be an instant classic and memorable film, and it’s good that Tyson is being paid homage and also being able to speak freely in this documentary and say
what he feels as well as set the record straight. It will be the man’s honesty in his own words, as well as the remembrance of his strength and enormity in the ring – a true retrospective.

Everything must change and the only thing that can be certain is that very change. Boxing has changed a lot over the years. Some faces are mainstays in the sport, and we see them on the circuit always, grinding out the corners and staying in there, sometimes ever sharp, sometimes dull – in both delivery and display. Other names fade away and get forgotten sometimes, making a little more space for the next contender, in an overcrowded phone booth where there’s not much to begin with. “Iron” Mike Tyson has always been embedded within the very essence and fabric of boxing, and he is a part of its lore and mysticism. There are only a handle of fighters who are one-of-a-kind and their times and careers. Granted some boxers will come along and try to emulate characteristics and styles of their once glorious idols, but no one will ever be able to actually replace or replicate any of these one-of-a-kinders. Mike Tyson stands alone in this respect.

We all know about how Robin Givens did the man so wrongly, all the while painting a horrible picture of Tyson and what his image was/is to be perceived by the public so mistakenly and inaccurately often. Just recently the woman had the audacity to speak on Larry King Live and talk about how horrible her marriage was to Tyson and how much hell he put her through. Now I’m no lawyer or expert in matters that pertain to law, but I do have a discerning eye and a strange raw instinct that can smell a rat. And she stinks Ladies and Gentlemen. Mike Tyson broke his hand when he used Mitch Green’s face as a punching bag/meat tenderizer. Yet the public wants to believe that Tyson physically beat Givens repeatedly? Some people don’t understand the concept of having heavy hands. Persecution seems to be their forte...

Back to the film. Sorry I got off of the subject and on a tangent. As a fan of Tyson and having grown up watching him it’s hard to sit back and watch people deface him and continue to sling mud on his name. The man has had enough to deal with without all of the rest of us adding to the despair and confusion. There’s nothing to be gained by persecuting Mike Tyson, and hopeful people will not only accept this upcoming film and the positivity surrounding it, but recognize the genuinely interesting dynamic of Tyson and how much of a cultural icon he has been for us all, no matter what you think of him.

What is the deeper rooted basis for your disapproval of Tyson, those of you who feel this way? Public opinion perhaps? Definitely. Maybe a little bandwagon appeal, Hatemongering 101: Intro to Easy Targets? Certainly. Believe what you read and hear, although 99% of it is mass appeal madness and propaganda?

Without a doubt. Which isn’t really a bad thing; because when there are a large percentage of haters such as you out there it only makes that much more of a case for continual support and extension of positive reinforcement and defense in regard to Tyson. This isn’t an unmitigated attack, this is a preventative measure, know the difference.

I can’t wait for this documentary to come out. It seems like it’s not biased or tilted to one side like many documentaries about fighters tend to come off as sometimes. It’s an honest look at a boxer who was great in his day and gave us something to believe in and have hope for. He is a legend and deserves his rightful place in the Boxing Hall of Fame. Mike Tyson drew one huge breath and let out a bigger breath that breathed life into boxing when he fought. He brought a drama and intensity into the ring with him that will never be forgotten or seen again. Those of us who did get to see him are the lucky ones.

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