A Night To Remember – Mayweather vs. Cotto
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (May 7, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Miguel Cotto lands punch on Floyd Mayweather.
It was a breathtaking evening at the MGM Grand last night in Las Vegas, as Floyd Mayweather (43-0, 26 KOs) and Miguel Cotto (39-3, 32 KOs) went head-to-head and a showdown that was definitely one for the ages. The tempo began crisp and tight, as the first round was started in typical fashion with both fighters testing the waters. But as soon as each pugilist got in their individual comfort zones it was on. Never before has Floyd Mayweather been in such a bout and it was compelling to see him truly in a fight, meaning that he did not dominate his opponent from start to finish which is customary in most of his bouts. Of course there were the signature Mayweather moves, the shoulder rolls, the dynamic angles, and the great counterpunching. Yet on this night there was something, or someone more importantly in the ring with Floyd, and that was Miguel Cotto.

Cotto looked technically sound in the ring against Mayweather. His composure was there as always and it was a night where he came to fight. From the opening bell the energy was high and skirmishes mounted, as exchanges between the two fighters became powerful, on even ground, and of frequent occurrence. Cotto used his left hand effectively and connected with Mayweather down the pipe, pressing the action while also applying pressure on the ropes, although he didn’t stick to what was working for him. Mayweather avoided several of Cotto’s punches, but not all of them, as indicated by his bloodied nose (something that is unheard of in a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight). Both men clearly came to win and it was a pleasure to see such an unexpected fight meet and exceed the public’s expectations by leaps and bounds Saturday night.

Mayweather hurt Cotto late in the fight and it may have been more from exhaustion than being worn down systematically. Floyd didn’t pick apart Cotto in this bout, and while he did utilize his defense brilliantly as we have seen in the past, Mayweather did not control the action like he normally does. This happened because Cotto applied pressure and lots of it. Not to short change Floyd in anyway of course, as he did land clean, jarring bombs throughout the night that left his signature all over Miguel’s face, a face that tends to swell relatively quickly during his fights. Credit must be given where it is due, to Mayweather for coming out victorious, showing that he is not just a tactician and surgeon in the ring but can also get down and dirty when the situation calls for it. And to Cotto, who showed incredible heart and courage, and fought one of the best fights of his career and gave us all a glimpse into what a true Champion is made of.

Whoever you were backing in this fight, there is no denying that no one expected this matchup to turn out as exciting and truly entertaining as it did. Most predicted that Mayweather would utterly toy with Cotto, defeating him in a fashion much like he has eliminated all his other challengers, a virtual one man show that we have become all too accustomed to seeing from Floyd where the fight is one-sided all night. But Mayweather had to earn it on Saturday and it was worth every penny. Congratulations are extended to both pugilists, as one man looks ahead to a short incarceration and subsequent release, a celebration of his recent victory, and his next opponent in the ring, while the other continues on with his loving family, driving forward with a grit and determination that can never be wavered or removed as he continues to fight on.

Now that was a fight!

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