The Legend of “El Terrible” Continues
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (May 24, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Erik Morales
The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” – Robert Kiyosaki, American Motivational Speaker.

There are men of this world who choose to quit when they are ahead, all the while allowing the at times iniquitous hands of fate a rare and cherished opportunity to deal them another more suitable hand when the time is right. Others, more daring in their motives, pave their own paths enabling the chips to fall where they may. Then you have the resilient ones. Silent, calculating, vigilant. Ever so watchful, these persons pick and choose their spots. They create prospects when there are none, kicking down the doors that were once thought to be impenetrable. The sheer force with which their will deflates any opposition to their purpose is beyond belief. Boxer Erik “El Terrible” Morales 52-8 (36) is one such combatant, and he has been kicking down every single door in his way since his humble beginnings in Tijuana, Mexico.

Mexican fighters have always been known for their intestinal fortitude and their “machismo.” Both attributes are defining components of their inner makeup and truly make for incredibly memorable prizefights. Being “one who is worthy of imitation” is not a bad position to be in especially when the one you want to imitate is Mexican boxing legend Erik Morales. Want to see a clash for it all? Just watch two up-and-coming Mexican warriors wage conflict on solid ground and you will not only be extraordinarily entertained but you will also bear witness to quite possibly one of the best fights you’ve seen that year. Doesn’t matter when it was or where you saw it either.

Morales is the first Mexican born fighter to have won world titles in four different weight classes as a professional. An accomplished amateur as well, “El Terrible” amassed a remarkable record of 108-6. Under the watchful eye of his father Jose Morales, also once a fighter, young Erik first laced up the gloves at the tender age of 5 years old. This means that Morales has been fighting for almost 31 years of his life as the boxer turns 36 this September. Back in September of 1997, a mere 6 days after his 21st birthday, Erik Morales won his first world title when he stopped then WBC Super Bantamweight Champion Daniel “The Mouse” Zaragosa 55-8-3 (28).

Erik “El Terrible” Morales’ career has become a blueprint for boxing marvel and lore. His memorable bouts are things of majesty, epic fist-a-cuffs fought out on a grand scale. This rangy pugilist from the “Zona Norte” section of Tijuana has given us all legend with every punch he has thrown and each competition he has participated in. Who could forget his gripping trilogy with fellow legendary Mexican fighter “The Baby Faced Assassin” Marco Antonio Barrera 67-7 (44)? Or when he knocked out Angel “Avispa“ Chacon" 30-9-2 (15) for the WBC Super Bantamweight Title back in 1999 at the Thomas Mack Center in Las Vegas?

Morales has nothing left to prove at this point in the sport. Boxing isn’t so much about proving things to others as it is to proving things to yourself. “El Terrible” has answered all and any questions he may have had to pose to himself during the most difficult of times during his memorable career. He has also more than answered those complex inquisitions that the media and boxing sanctum have been willing to throw at him. His major Championships include the following: WBC Super Bantamweight, WBO Super Bantamweight, interim WBC Featherweight, WBC Featherweight, WBC Super Featherweight, IBF Super Featherweight, and the WBC Light Welterweight titles, respectively. Morales is a definite future candidate for the BHOF and will be remembered as a true legend of the sport when he finally does decide to hang up the gloves. Let’s just hope that it’s not anytime soon, as “El Terrible” still has a hell of a lot of fight left in him.

Gracias Campeon.

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