Chavez Jr. Annihilates Lee To Capture Middleweight Brilliance
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (June 18, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Chris Farina / Top Rank)
Chavez vs Lee
It was a blistering night at the Sun Bowl in El Paso Saturday evening as Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. 46-0-1 (32) silenced his critics once again by administering a thorough beating to the ever durable but clearly overpowered Irishman Andy Lee 28-2 (20) to capture the WBC Middleweight Title. Chavez, Jr. has come into his own over the years, growing into an extremely rugged and powerful Middleweight and honing his craft to become a more solid and tactically sound fighter. Questions have surrounded the son of boxing legend and iconic figure Julio Cesar Chavez 107-6-2 (86) and his capabilities in terms of maintaining the Chavez boxing lineage and namesake while carving out his own niche in the sport. His latest demonstration of a momentous career progression at the cost of Andy Lee’s physical well-being was on full display in Texas, as a pro-Chavez, Jr. crowd were in favorable attendance to cheer on their hero in unison with every damaging blow that he hammered into Lee’s frame.

With his greatness is question and the weight of his father’s incredible career looming over his shoulders as a reminder of what he must live up to, Chavez, Jr. answered the call against Lee by silencing an early push by the Irish Middleweight to start the bout with incredible vigor. Lee maintained a quickened pace early in the contest and utilized a stiff jab that seemed to keep the constantly forward rushing Culiacan toro at bay, at least momentarily anyway. But the Mexican luminary wouldn’t allow Lee to stave off his attack for long, as it didn’t take much time before the boxer under the tutelage of celebrated trainer Emanuel Steward started to fade fast during the bout and lost the steam and durability required to last against a determined and powerful Chavez, Jr. Once he established himself on the inside, Chavez, Jr. began to drop the hammer on his opponent with brutal power shots that sapped the strength and very will from Lee. Finally, Andy Lee had more than enough. His game but dejected spirit became completely removed from the fight and he had no answer for Chavez, Jr’s virtual destruction when at 2:21 of the 7th round, referee Laurence Cole had to step in and stop a battered and bloodied Andy Lee from taking anymore punishment.

In his latest smashing victory, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. has punched his way into an anticipated showdown with Argentinean Sergio Gabriel “Maravilla” Martinez 49-2-2 (28) on September 15th later this year at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on a date that conflicts with another megafight scheduled between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 40-0-1 (29) and “Vicious” Victor Ortiz 29-3-2 (22) at the MGM Grand that same evening, a fight that will come to fruition should Ortiz beat Josesito Lopez 29-4 (17) this upcoming weekend. A strong Middleweight who is ranked number one in the world rankings as well as his home nation of Argentina, Martinez could pose some serious problems for Chavez, Jr., even with the dominant statement that the younger fighter just made by demolishing Lee decisively. A southpaw, Sergio Martinez has taken out a few notable top names in the division such as Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik 39-2 (34), Paul “The Punisher” Williams 41-2 (27) (Hang in there Champ we’re all pushing for you!), and Kermit “El Asesino” Cintron 33-5-1 (28) during his career.

Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. has solidified his position in the Middleweight division as a serious threat and tough competitor at this point. Since linking up with Freddie Roach he has a newfound redirection in the sport that is a good look for him and is translating into the ring well. While Chavez, Jr. showed a good beard against Andy Lee, Martinez is a far more threatening challenger in the squared circle, a boxer who has stinging one punch power that could easily turn out the lights on “The Legend Goes On” should he take Sergio Martinez lightly. The older but physically more than capable 37-year-old Martinez, who started boxing professionally at the age of 20, will not become gassed against Chavez, Jr. as Lee did and will have wicked bombs of his own to deliver back in the face of an attack from the prodigal son. Some critics are saying that even if Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. is “100 percent ready to fight” that Sergio Martinez will batter him. The boxing world will just have to wait until September 15th to get the answer to that poignant question when both fighters slug it out for the answer.

The boxing media has been very wrong time and time again about Chavez, Jr. and the direction his career has been heading in. They counted him out against Andy Lee, yet Chavez, Jr. drilled Lee’s body with signature body shots that paid dividends in their bout and allowed Julio to shut down Lee effectively in the end. The idea that he could possibly live up to his father’s accomplishments in the ring is an incredible and almost impossible expectation for anyone to put on the 26 year old Champion. Whereas boxing is most surely running though his veins given his blessed bloodline, Chavez, Jr. has been making his own name in the sport, proving his detractors wrong every time he engages in his craft and silences their judging words with every thundering blow that shakes his opponents to their core. While he may not be his father, Chavez, Jr. is definitely his father’s son and has nothing to be ashamed of. He is a young Champion who looks ahead to the horizon of his own legacy and what destiny he must fulfill. We can only sit in wonder and admiration to see what he does next and who else among the boxing media ends up eating their words.

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