The Redemption Of Victor Ortiz
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (June 21, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © Esther Lin, SHOWTIME)
Victor Ortiz
Man maintains his balance, poise, and sense of security only as he is moving forward.” – Maxwell Maltz.

Former WBC Welterweight Champion “Vicious” Victor Ortiz 29-3-2 (22) knows a thing or two about adversity. After his thrilling hard fought victory over Andre Berto 28-1 (22) over a year ago, Ortiz displayed his inner courage and complete strength of character in the ring as he dropped Berto in the first round and went down himself in second round, with both fighters tasting the canvas in the sixth round of their memorable match of wills. As Victor Ortiz eyed a potential rematch on the horizon with Andre Berto, Berto joined the ranks of the most unholy of holies and popped positive for the steroid nandrolone, thus eliminating the prospect of another brawl that would surely entertain and captivate fans once again. With Berto out of the loop, Team Ortiz opted to take on Josesito Lopez 29-4 (17) as a replacement, a rugged Welterweight who is looking to break into division stardom through his clash with Ortiz for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight title on June 23. With both fighters jockeying for position, and Ortiz attempting to erase his memory of the disappointing loss to Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. 43-0 (26) for a title that he held for five months, “Vicious” has to live up to his namesake and flatten Lopez as he pushes forward and extends his vision far past Berto and hopefully redirects it towards Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 40-0-1 (29) and the opportunity of a title scrap at 154 for the WBC Light Middleweight Championship on September 15, with Ortiz going up in weight. For Lopez, this bout means everything and can propel his career in a direction that the Californian has never known. Ortiz clearly realizes what is at stake and needs to channel his internal beast in the squared circle, a mode that the typically humble and likable fighter switches into when he laces up the gloves and lets the leather fly.

Forward momentum is paramount for Victor Ortiz at this point in his career. A boxer who is ultimately committed to training and preparation, he must refuse to fall victim to ring rust or becoming stale in the ring. Ortiz needs to stay as active as possible and keep his spirits high even in lieu of the recent Berto situation. Ranked the 5th Welterweight in the world with Lopez falling in at 10th and Berto seated in the 2nd slot behind Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley 29-0 (12) who remains questionably at the top, Victor is in the ideal situation to capitalize on his athleticism and marketability in the sport. His congenial personality and blue collar fighting style make him an instant fan favorite and with Showtime recently kicking off a feature showcasing the boxer leading up to his impending challenge with Josesito Lopez, all the cards seem to be falling in place. And with a $100,000 knockout bonus being offered up by Golden Boy Promotions, the incentive for Ortiz to perform well is on the line. Confident of an eventual showdown with Alvarez, Ortiz still isn’t taking Lopez lightly saying, “I know I have to stay focused on Josesito Lopez on the 23rd though and he’s good.” Victor continues to keep his head up surrounding what happened with him against Mayweather as well, surprisingly even answering questions surrounding a would-be rematch with the superstar with, “Absolutely I would fight Floyd again, but there is a lot of work before that happens.” The clear cut work at hand is what stands out most these days for Ortiz with a full dance card comprised of Lopez first, and then possibly Alvarez and maybe a promising rematch with Mayweather should he dispose of Josesito in dramatic fashion.

Modest, amiable, and ready for battle, Victor Ortiz can notably push his career back into the limelight with a victory over Lopez and regain that momentum that he has been striving for. Often criticized by the boxing media, Ortiz doesn’t let it faze him in the least saying, “I know what’s on the line. People think I won’t be focused on this fight. I know I’m being counted out again. That’s no surprise to me. I welcome it.” A laid back and friendly personality outside of the ring, Ortiz is all business inside of it. His training regimen is a proof of this truth and Victor knows that he can’t slow down, acknowledging that with him, “There’s no lay off. I’m not your typical boxer. I’m in the gym everyday. It’s what I do .It’s a lifestyle” Boxing is his lifestyle and while earning a living the hard way through his fists is definitely challenging, Ortiz is always game and ready to answer the call. Experiencing the ups and inevitable downs that come with being a professional boxer, Victor Ortiz has overcome adversity and then some. Critics will continue to say what they are going to say, and we all know how critical the boxing media can be of its idols. One minute fighters become media darlings and in the next they become ostracized and vilified all in the same sentence. Victor has experienced this much during his career at the biased hands of the media, but the easy going boxer just lets it roll off his shoulders, much like the stinging blows that are aimed at his head during prizefights.

Victor Ortiz is on a quest of cleansing himself from the trials of his past and looks to enthrall and capture the imagination of boxing fans once more with his upcoming outing on June 23. While the fight will not be with Berto as anticipated, Lopez is a more than capable opponent who should offer up Ortiz a sturdy night of work. The best of luck is extended to Ortiz, whose biggest fight lately seems to be up against an unforgiving media who has all but forgotten how great of a fighter Ortiz truly is. They don’t matter anyway Champ...

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