Down With The King – Garcia Smashes Khan In Four
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (July 15, 2012) Doghouse Boxing (Photo © German Villasenor)
Danny Garcia
As a 6 to 1 underdog coming into his WBC Light Welterweight and WBA Super World Light Welterweight title fight against the United Kingdom’s Amir “King” Khan 26-3 (18), Philadelphia fighter Danny “Swift” Garcia 24-0 (15) seemed to have the odds stacked against him this past Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There weren’t too many among the boxing media conglomerate that were willing to give the 24 year old boxer a fighting chance inside or outside of the ring for that matter. With the deck clearly stacked against him in a city known for its unforgiving odds and chances, Garcia brought his “A” game against a willing but maybe overzealous Khan and nailed him with a left hook from left field that sent the British pugilist reeling and ready for the end. Not everyone prior to the bout counted Garcia out however, as there were some who rallied behind the boxer who put Mexican legend Erik “El Terrible” Morales 52-8 (36) on the canvas back in March earlier this year. Of his supporters, the most notable has been his father, Angel Garcia. Angel has been a definitive sound board leading up to his son’s victory over Khan, and in victory continues to let the world know what he thinks of Amir Khan. When asked of a possible rematch between his son and Khan, Angel said of the fighter that he is “old news” and considers him “an ex-Champion. He’s a three time ex-Champion.”

Amir Khan may have counted all of the eggs in his basket far too early as he certainly looked far past Danny Garcia and focused the majority of his attention and energy leading up to their fight with the prospect of fighting true boxing kingpin Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. 43-0 (26) in the future. Khan made this fact known when he stated “I know I will cause Mayweather problems. He’s getting older and slower now. It’s the best time to catch him.” But it was Khan himself who got caught by Garcia instead. As the self proclaimed “King” dreamt of bigger paydays and the bright lights of a showdown with Mayweather, Jr. looking past Garcia, he got pummeled by a more determined and hungry boxer in Garcia who took the opportunity before him and capitalized on a distracted and fragile jawed Khan. The “King” of the evening was Danny Garcia on Saturday night, a down to earth fighter and true representative of Latino fighters everywhere alongside the rich boxing lineage of Philadelphia that he carries with him as a Champion. Coming in as a favorite, Amir Khan was expected to win and win effectively and decisively. But he didn’t. Smoke and mirrors is sometimes just that. Granted Khan got to the position he reached in the sport obviously through hard work and dedication to craft combined with great hand speed. Yet his chin has always been in question. It was just a matter of time before someone came along and broke that glass. Garcia happened to be just the man to do it.

Once Danny Garcia connected with that perfect left hook onto the side of Amir Khan’s neck and head it was apparent that Amir Khan’s feigned reign would be cut brutally short. It was nothing short of surprising that seasoned referee Kenny Bayless didn’t stop the action sooner than he did once it was more than noticeable that Khan’s equilibrium along with his legs were gone. Credit is due to Khan for making an attempt at surviving and giving a noble but far too late effort against an undefeatable foe at that point. The wiring was all gone and he was all but short circuited on more than one instance as Garcia smashed him with thundering bombs that found their target with accuracy and deadly intent. Danny Garcia had the “King’s” number and all it took was one beautifully timed and placed punch. Call it luck, divine intervention, or proper preparation, but Garcia proved to the world and all of the doubters out there in the boxing world that he is the real deal and that their hyped-up superstar needs to go back to the drawing board. Garcia chiseled out his own stardom in fighting Khan, as he suffered a cut over his right eye in the 2nd round and sent Khan to the canvas in the 3rd round once and twice in the 4th. Solidifying a TKO victory over Khan lines up Garcia for future highly equitable matchups in the 140 pound division, a weight class with a deep and appealing roster of possible opponents.

Humility beat arrogance on last Saturday evening in front of an entertained and extremely captivated boxing crowd. The electricity and potential outlook surrounding a new Champion such as Danny Garcia is a welcome change to the dynamic of a sport that has been lacking such a positive change to the pages of its often dramatic and turbulent saga for some time now. This was a classic tale of a young “King” who believed that he would be too much for his opponent as he sought to move up into the 147 division, envisioning greater things, at least greater in his own mind that is. Though he met his match in an equally young “King,” who proved too much for the anxious royalty as he lost his seat on the throne. Congratulations to Danny Garcia on his recent victory over Amir Khan and his unification of the division straps. You’ve brought breath back into boxing and not only silenced your own critics, but also exposed the glass chin of Khan along with the falsehoods that surround the sport of boxing as being equally made of glass. Leave no doubt; knock ‘em out.

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