Vernon Forrest - Sleep With the Angels Champion
By Jason Petock, DoghouseBoxing (July 26, 2009)  
I woke up today and turned on the television only to see another news feed that took me by surprise once more, and disappointed me at the same time. My heart sunk in my chest again as I learned that another great fighter, Vernon Forrest, was taken too soon on Saturday by two gunmen who tried to carjack him. Vernon is best remembered for his sensational defeat of Shane Mosley and his craftsmanship and skill in the ring. He was also a devoted family man, Champion, mentor, philanthropist, and charitable soul that deserved far more than to be gunned down by two scumbags looking to steal a ride. Once again I am appalled and really disheartened by the series of very unfortunate events that has been taking place lately. Sadly, it has been said that things of this nature come in threes. Let’s hope that there isn’t much truth to this belief or we are all going to be in for a miserable year.

I want to take the opportunity here to extend my most heartfelt and sincere condolences to Vernon’s family and friends, as this loss hits you the hardest. No one could have foreseen such a tragedy and know that he will be deeply missed by boxing fans around the world. He brought a light into the ring with him that has been extinguished too soon, but justice will be served and the right thing must and will be done. I feel honored to have been able to witness Vernon Forrest fighting in the ring, and although I never had the great chance to meet him, I know that much like all the boxing legends that have passed before him, he too will be waiting in heaven to hopefully greet me past the clouds. I can only dream of being so lucky.

Boxing is a drama and Greek tragedy in itself, and many of its participants end up falling too soon and not leaving this world in the ring, a place that they love, but at the hands of others. Recently, Arturo Gatti also fell, not by a punch but by the deceitful and wicked nature of another human being, if she can even be called that. So too has Vernon departed from other’s wickedness. I can only hope that these individuals are caught and brought to justice, if there is such a thing anymore. It was stated that the perpetrators are still at large. Put the donuts down and find these losers officers, that’s the least you can do. They don’t deserve their freedom anymore, and to kill someone so senselessly over material things is ridiculous and unfair. Vernon Forrest didn’t deserve to go out like that, do something about it.

So as I close this article, (I can’t believe this happened and I’m writing another tribute, this sucks), everyone should honor and revere Vernon Forrest and keep his memory alive. He contributed so much to the sport of boxing and his career should be noted, his accomplishments both in and out of the ring remembered, his contributions acknowledged. I know that you are at peace now Champion, and no one can take that away from you. You will be missed by us all and remembered in spirit. Rest your weary head with the angels around you now Vernon, we’ll see you soon.

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