The Mayweathers and Pacquiaos - The Same Old Song and Dance
By Jason Petock, Doghouse Boxing (Nov 22, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Photo: Manny Pacquiao
As modern boxing fans, it has become increasingly harder to face what the discipline has been going through lately. Several supporters of the sport are continually forced to digest the same distasteful pills over and over again. Scandal, deceit, fixed fights and seemingly ridiculous decisions have all but permeated boxing, and caused a once proud and noble sport to be shrouded with controversy and disgust. Now this is not of course without the obvious admission that boxing has had its run-ins with the shady and criminal aspects of society in the past, it is just that this cycle of history repeating itself is now old hat and the beating of a dead horse. With boxing's broken record playing that same sad, old song to the masses, it's no surprise that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has recently chosen Joshua Clottey for his March 13, 2011 fight in lieu of Floyd “Money” Mayweather. This isn't a knock to Clottey, just more of an “I told you so” that we all were thinking when the rumors and speculation broke that Mayweather and Pacquiao would be meeting up in March of next year. When pigs fly...

Staying objective and positive in reference to boxing becomes one of the most difficult tasks as a fan first and a writer second. As much as you love the sport and truly care about its fighters and the need to champion and rally to defend it, there is another side of you as a human being that becomes slightly apathetic and even disinterested in retrospect. I have been a writer for Doghouse Boxing since January 2004, and my passion for boxing has never wavered, although I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that my interest has. When I begun writing as much as possible, I would crank out at a minimum 3 – 4 articles a week, spouting off my rants, opinions and viewpoints on everything and anything boxing. Now it's become almost a chore to even write one article at all. I have been more than blessed and fortunate to do several interviews with a few noblemen of the sport, and even got to speak to Arturo “Thunder” Gatti (R.I.P. Champ) for about 5 minutes on the telephone to try and set up an interview, a dream come true for a die-hard boxing nut like myself. I still love the sport, just hate what it’s become.

But as time has gone on, and the Mayweathers and Pacquiaos have refused to fight one another, and I've repeatedly heard on more than one occasion how much boxing “sucks”, I can't help but reflect and think of what has truly gone wrong over time. Long gone are the days of “Iron” Mike Tyson flattening his opponents with fatal blows that would knock your ancestors into the Stone Age. There are no more “Human Highlight Films” to raise us up and bang out our dreams as we sit on the edge of our seats and live vicariously through their pains, joys, ups and downs. Gone are the fighters who would fight anywhere, anytime, for the sheer honor of it. Granted there are the up-and-comers who are still hungry, but how long will that flame continue to burn after the paydays become larger and their successes become guaranteed? Title defenses are becoming more and more like Haley's Comets, very few and far between.

Honesty has always been first in my writing when covering boxing on any level. So as things become far more dishonest, and the seedy elements of boxing now show their colors in public with no regard for the sport, its competitors, or its fans, that is all I have left to rely upon. Their brazenness and commitment to garbage is something to behold, as excuses are the norm and fights that should happen to preserve pugilism never will. Essentially, the dog and pony show that is a sad reality for much of boxing is merely just the same old song and dance, as the record spins its revolutions over and over again with no end in sight or promise of a break from the absurdity of its exploiters.

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