Miguel Cotto vs Antonio Margarito: All Sissies – OUT
By Jess E. Trail, Doghouse Boxing (July 25, 2008) Photo © Neil Kaplin  
If this match doesn’t make your face quiver, or your scalp tingle and undulate like an ocean current, I don’t know what to say without swearing. If this match doesn’t make your uvula flap like a screen door during a hurricane, then please don’t come near me because you’re not welcome in my home. If this match doesn’t cause you to nervously shadowbox in Walmart, then stay outta my territorial bubble, because I feel intense and aggressive right now and I don’t want your kind around me.

The Antonio Margarito-Miguel Cotto fight coming up Saturday night is exactly the kind of match that brings it all out. Both have indomitable fighting spirits. Both will walk through a meat grinder to win. Margarito has the height and reach advantage, a busy aggressive style and two handed power. He has the best left uppercut in the division. Miguel Cotto has, in my opinion, a slight edge in power and a knack for putting himself in constant position to hurt his opponent. The slight edge in whiskers that I believe Margarito enjoys is somewhat nullified by the fact that Cotto is brilliant and dangerous when hurt and recovers quickly.

As my custom is, I reviewed footage of each fighter in preparation for the big fight and the one thing that I see is what makes my pupils dilate in different geometric shapes. Someone has to yield real estate. And both fighters will walk into dynamite at one point or another.

Get ready. Two incredible warriors are aiming their weaponry at each other. So if you’re ready to twitch, jerk and grunt, lets go. If you are ready to spasm and throw partial hooks from your chair, come on in and join me. But if this does nothing for you, then take your crossword puzzle, your croissant and get the hell out before I dump my beer on your dress.

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