B-Movies: Ricardo Mayorga the B-Movie version of Mike Tyson
By Jess E. Trail, Doghouse Boxing (Sept 30, 2008) Photo © German Villasenor  
It’s often not as pretty in reality as it looks on paper with Ricardo Mayorga. He’s wild, he’s awkward, and he’s a fairly entertaining asshole. He’s the B-movie version of Mike Tyson. It’s like watching Attack of the Crab Monsters. It’s intriguing. It’s just that the special effects are a bit lacking. I applaud Mayorga for selling the show for as long as he has. I have to admit it. When he fights, I must watch. That’s what its all about in the end, isn’t it?

As for Shane Mosley, he will doubtless receive some criticism for his performance. Some will be
deserved, in my opinion. Keep in mind, however that Mosley has shown, for all his immense speed and athleticism, an inability at times to make adjustments in the ring when things aren’t going his way. The machine is well oiled. It is high performance and that is what you get with Shane Mosley. In the vast majority of cases, the Mosley machine is all that is needed for success.

It was mildly surprising how difficult it was for Sugar Shane to hit Mayorga. He slowly began to get through a few single straight right hands. No effective follow up was possible. I was waiting for a blistering hook, the punch I figured would end the fight.

If you watch the footage, I believe the problem started in the first round when it appeared that Mosley was rocked by a wild, clubbing right hand. This resulted in considerable caution on his part and enabled the Mayorga frenzy to grow.

But before we criticize Shane too heavily, just keep in mind that it’s harder than it looks on paper. To face Mayorga is not to face high level skill, but rather unpredictability and all the elements of the unknown. There are no rules that dictate directional origins of punches or anything else for that matter. That’s Mayorga. He’s our favorite B movie.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pop in my copy of The Aardvark Comes. Very chilling.

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