Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez Weigh In Report
By John Novoselac on location for Doghouse Boxing (Sept 18, 2009)  
In what was allegedly the most anticipated weigh in ever according to Golden Boy Promotions, due to the fact that everyone wanted to know the weight, many thought the surprise was spoiled when HBOs 24/7 revealed the weight to be 144. This is boxing, and everything is not always what it seems.

The crowd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena gathered early as the cerveza flowed and the mariachis played, tuba included. In what was expected on Mexican Independence Day weekend, the crowd was very much pro Marquez. Tecate entertained the early arrivers with some highlights of previous fights, of which the most well received were provided by Juan Manuel Marquez' fight with Joel Casamayor this same weekend one year ago.

Marquez came out first to a roaring ovation, and once he stepped on the scale he revealed a bulky and soft frame that weighed in at 142. Mayweather was next, as he anxiously awaited, unable to stop moving, looking like he'd just been working out as evidenced by a nice layer of sweat. To the shock of many, Floyd weighed in at 146. As Juan Manuel looked to the scale curiously, no one said a thing. I guess this deck is stacked even more than what was originally thought.

Richard Shaefer addressed the media in the press room regarding the weight after wards. He said the fight was promoted as a welterweight fight, but the contract was 144. Monetary penalties were built in and Floyd will pay a fee for the 2 extra pounds. He would only say that it was a significant amount.

Undercard weights

Co main event participants Chris John and Rocky Juarez remained civil and weighed in at 126 each. They battle for John's WBA featherweight strap.

The fighters on the opening televised bout weren't as nice, as they shared some not so nice words. Cornelius Lock weighed125 and Orlando Cruz weighed 126.

Michael Katsidis (25-2 20 KOs) showed some fire as he shot off his mouth at his foe Vicente Escobedo (21-1 13 KOs), as the Great weighed in at 135 to Escobedo's 134. The fight is for the vacant WBO lightweight belt..

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