Chris Arreola takes out Jameel McCline: Wants Klitschko Brothers
By John Novoselac at ringside for (April 12, 2009)  
Arreola continues to frustrate fans by coming in at 255 pounds, when everyone knows he’s better off about 10 pounds lighter. He finds massive Jameel McCline in his biggest test of his career, in both physical and boxing senses.

Some life was finally shown from the sparse crowd as Arreola entered the ring, as some fans made their way over from his hometown in Southern California.

Arreola pasted the aging McCline nearly at will throughout the first. Shots to the body, jabs, and heavy shots to the head were all in the mix. McCline seems to be in awful shape, as he started breathing through his mouth midway through the first. It doesn’t look good for Big Time. Round 2 saw the Nightmare continue as Chris added some uppercuts, though ate a few right hands for his trouble. Arreola continued to land straight rights in the third, but McCline loaded up a left hook that stunned him. Though his mouth open and bleeding he kept loading up the left hook that seemed to be finding its target.

The fourth round made it apparent that MCline was spent. Two straight combos of left uppercuts followed by straight rights, and another right, sent McCline down for the count. Official time was 2:01 of the 4th.

Arreola now stands at 27-0 24 Kos, while McCline falls to 39-10 23 Kos. Punch stats credited Arreola with 72 of 146 shots (65 power shots), and McCline with 24 of 129 (13 power shots). Afterwards Arreola said ‘I want the best. If the Klitschko brothers think I am not ready, then we will see’.

Untelevised Fights

Middleweight Scottish slugger Craig McEwan, now training out of LA, demolished Dominican Alexis Division in the first round with a barrage to the body. Time was 1:49 of the first round. McEwan continues his undefeated streak and moves to 14-0 with 9 KOs , while Division is now 16-9.

Junior Middleweight Pablo Montes De Oca (now 9-16-2 6 Kos) out of Las Vegas dropped a majority decision to Jose Rodriguez (now 13-1-1 2 Kos) from NYC. Scores were 98-92, 96-94, and 95-95.

2008 US Olympian super middleweight Prospect Shawn Estrada stopped Omar Coffi in round 3 to improve to 4-0 with 4 Kos. A big right set up by a jab sent Coffi down early in the first. A straight counter right sent Coffi down again with 10 seconds left in the 2nd, and Estrada followed up with another knock down to end the round. The slaughter continued into the 3rd as Coffi’s corner wisely asked referee Jay Nady to stop the fight. Time was 0:47. Coffi drops to 1-2-2.

Junior welterweight prospect Danny Garcia defeated Tijuana, Mexico’s Humberto Tapia over 8 rounds. A cut caused by a punch opened over the left eye of Tapia in the 3rd, yet the rugged Mexican stuck it out for the full fight. A wild flurry by both men ended the fight. Scores were 80-72, nd 79-73 twice. Hey, a weekend beating in Vegas is probably better than being in TJ right now. Garcia goes to 12-0 (7 Kos), while Tapia is now at 14-10-1.

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