Ricky Hatton fans out number Manny Pacquiao fans at Weigh-In
By John Novoselac, on location for DoghouseBoxing.com (May 2, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
I arrived at the MGM Grand about an hour and a half before the scheduled weigh in time, and as expected a rowdy crowd of several thousand was already in attendance and into the swing of things. Dueling chants were in full effect, and the ushers had their hands full keeping the crowd in relative order. It was a pretty significant difference among supporters of the Pinoy hero and his Mancunian opponent, as the Brits had about a 2 to 1 advantage.

To combat the legion of Pacmen and Pacladies, the Brits brought a crew of superheroes including a couple of Batmen and Robins, Spiderman, and Austin Powers. Good senses of humor were had by everyone.

As usual with Hatton fights it’s immediately clear that there is indeed only one Ricky Hatton, although the Pac fans did their best to combat the vocal expressions of their British counterparts.

After a lengthy delay, Oscar came to the dais to say a few words about his expected outcome of the fight, which were punctuated by his final statement: “If I would have fought Ricky Hatton in December I would have been knocked out.”

Pacquiao enters the arena first to mostly boos, yet he remained his usual self showing nothing but smiles behind a pair of dark shades. Hatton entered next to an expected chant of you know what.

Manny stepped on the scale first and came in at a healthy looking 138 pounds.

Hatton, looking gaunt as usual, came in right at the limit of 140 pounds.

Undercard weights

Jr Middleweights

Erislandry Lara 155

Chris Gray 156


Matt Korobov 161.5

Anthony Bartenelli 161


Danny Jacobs 163

Michael Walker 162

Superfeatherweights (WBC Title)

Humberto Soto 130

Benoit Gaudet 129.

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