Manny Pacquiao Blows Out Ricky Hatton in 2 Rounds
By John Novoselac at ringside for (May 3, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor  
People should listen to Freddie Roach more, because lately he’s been right on the money. Once again, Manny Pacquiao dominated an opponent in more devastating fashion than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ricky Hatton was never in the fight, not for a second, and there were only 359 of them.

It was immediately apparent that Manny would jump on the Hitman right away, as he entered the ring with a good sweat going. Referee Kenny Bayless had to actually hold him back before the opening bell. Hatton tried to apply pressure and succeeded in driving Pac to the ropes once, but that was the extent of his success.

Hatton tasted the canvas for the first of 3 times about midway through the first. A right hook put Ricky down, the speed was just way too much. He went down again shortly thereafter, this time by a straight left.

The look of bewilderment covered the face of the Manchester fighter. Ricky came out and was more competitive in the 2nd round, but Manny kept turning p the heat, and a vicious left at the last second of the round put Hatton flat on his back. There was no need to count, Hatton wasn’t moving anywhere for a while.

Afterwards, Manny said, ‘I mean I am surprised that it was that easy, but the fighter fights hard. He is strong and has a lead hand. Our strategy was the one punch. Left hook. Right hook. That was going to be the key to this fight. In the first round I expected my right hook was going to be dangerous for him. He was open and coming forward and his hands were down.’

‘I was just doing my job in the ring and dong my best to make the people happy. Nothing personal, I am just doing my job. I am satisfied. I am always trying my best in the ring and make a good impression on the people. I can fight anybody. My promoters will handle that. I am just doing my job and training’

Freddie Roach added, ‘Every time he throws the left hook and cocks it, he is wide open for the right hook from the southpaw stance. We worked on that every day in the gym and it jst worked beautifully. I knew it was over. Ricky fights the same way over and over. He doesn’t have the ability to adjst. I watched the tapes over and over the last few months. I know him pretty well.

‘I think it is (a fight with the winner of Marquez – Floyd) a very good possibility. It is a natural fight. The fans would want to see it. I think it would be great.’

Compubox saw Pacman land 73 of 127 punches, with 65 power shots landed. Hatton landed only 18 of 78, of which 16 were called power punches. 34 of 53 power shots landed for Pac in the 2nd round alone.

Official attendance was 16, 262.

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