Robert Guerrero uses Grit and Determination to beat Malcom Klassen
By John Novoselac, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 23, 2009)  
Houston - On Saturday night, Robert Guerrero looked to redeem himself, after basically quitting in his last fight, to both the fans and the HBO brass in an IBF lightweight title clash versus relatively unknown South African Malcom Klassen.

In a spirited first round, both fighters sought to establish aggression, though Guerrero seemed to control the pace, landing 28 out of 130 shots. A hard right with a minute left in the 2nd by Klassen ignited a fire in Guerrero as he responded with a barrage of combinations that were hard to tell how damaging they were regardless of how flashy they looked.

The 3rd round saw Klassen stand and get hit until the final 30 seconds when he started firing away and we got a little give and take action. Guerrero’s foot work is dominating the fight.

Guerrero continues to land more shots, though Klassen is seemingly unaffected and continues to press forward through the 4th round. In round 5 Klassen could not miss with his right hand, as he landed, but in the final minute Guerrrero fought back with combinations yet didn’t do enough to win the round.

Guerrero threw 118 punches in the 6th and re-established his control landing an uppercut that launched the mouthpiece of Klassen onto the canvas. Klassen came back in the 7th, though he relies on his right far too much. His harder shots seem to win the round, as a clash of heads leads to a cut on Guerrero.

Now we start with the questions. In round 9, Guerrero started to box a bit more. Klassen, despite eating a good amount of leather, continues to press and isn’t really showing any negative effects of the shots. The 10th round was all Klassen, as he continued to land the far more effective punches, and Klassen knows he needs to win out to prevail.
Despite a seeming sense of urgency, Klassen lulled and only looked for the one big shot, and gave away the 11th round. The fight still looked to be in the balance going into the 12th and final round, and the South African came out aggressive. Guererro fought back with grit and determination, though there was almost nothing on his punches. The activity looked impressive though, and carried the round.

Robert Guerrero was victorious by UD, scores were 117 -111, 116 – 113, and 116 – 112

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