Danny Jacobs steps up his game to defeat Ishe Smith
By John Novoselac, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 23, 2009)  
Houston - Danny Jacobs stepped up his level of competition tonight in a 12 rounder versus Contender alumni Ishe Smith. Jacobs came out working behind his piston jab, and pressed the defensive Smith, who was warned for throwing low late in the round. Smith increased his pace in the 2nd round, but wasn’t sitting down on anything to discourage the coming forward Jacobs, whose shots were landing with more and more power.

Into the 3rd, Smith started to look the role of the opponent, and we’re just waiting for Jacobs to turn up the fireworks. Smith continues to find success with his counter left hook, but Jacobs punctuates the round with a hard combination that irritated Smith to the point where he felt some whining to referee Laurence Cole was justified. It wasn’t.

Round 4 saw some excellent exchanges towards the end of the round, as Jacobs continued to put rounds in the bank. In the 5th round we began to see what the size advantage in this fight meant, but Smith landed a hard right towards the ends that stunned Jacobs and Smith kept firing away past the bell in an effort to assert himself. Midway through the 6th, a little fight erupted, as both fighters landed hard shots, yet Jacobs continues to appear to dominate in terms of scoring.

Going into round 7, Danny Jacobs started learning a lot about himself, as he seemed to lose a bit of momentum, but nonetheless continued his control of the ring. In round 8 Smith started having a bit more success, and had me questioning whether or not Jacobs really was controlling the fight, yet scoring round by round Jacobs still should have a commanding lead. At the end of round 9, Smith once again fired after the bell and this time he was deducted a point.

Going into the final round, Jacob looks to have a commanding lead. Late in the round, Smith pinned Jacobs on the ropes, and blew his proverbial load in what he saw as his last chance to win via a late KO, to no avail. Jacobs went on to win by UD, via scores of 96-93 twice, and 100-89.

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