Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto - Can Pacman Keep Gobbling?
By John Novoselac, Doghouse Boxing (Oct 14, 2009) Photo © icheehuahua,  
As a consumer driven, immediate satisfaction demanding society, Americans have grown accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it. This burden permeates our society, despite the woes that we’ve faced over the past year. Manny Pacquiao has managed to satisfy our cravings for all action fights in his last 2 outings, but are we asking too much in him facing Miguel Cotto?

Over the course of his career, Manny has grown from a 16 year old 106 pounder, to a full fledged junior welterweight. He showed that he can handle bigger men in an 8 round demolition of Oscar de La Hoya at welter, and a 2 round annihilation of Ricky Hatton at junior welter. Yet, it still seems a daunting task to take on one of the elite welterweights of the current era in Miguel Cotto, no matter the catch weight of 145.

Miguel Cotto’s career has been quite a bit different than that of his next opponent. He was an Olympian, and has had his path wisely guided as a professional by the best talent developing promotional firm in the game with Top Rank. He shrunk down to 140 in order to establish himself, then when it became physically debilitating he moved up to welter to stake his claim.

Claiming titles at both weights, Miguel emerged as one of the most fearsome body bangers around. Although he experienced some chin issues at 140, he seemed to overcome these as he moved up and the dehydration severity of making weight decreased. At this point, Miguel is a legitimate 147 pounder.

Can Manny Pacquiao handle a foe the size of Miguel Cotto? From my perspective, he has to fight the perfect fight in order to emerge victorious. Cotto possesses heavy hands, and his record shows it. His single loss to the now licenseless Antonio Margarito was the most brutal thing I’ve ever witnessed from ringside. He lost that fight, but Tony’s chin was indestructible that night. I’m not sure Manny’s carries such a quality.

Manny will have to stick and move, hit and get out, use more lateral movement than he ever has. He’s shown the ability to escalate up a steep learning curve over his tenure at the Wild Card Gym with trainer extraordanaire Freddie Roach, but will this be the final wall that he won’t be able to overcome? Manny has never faced such a devastating puncher, never mind the fact that he’s the biggest man he’s faced. Are we asking too much?

The courage and heart of Manny Pacquiao has never been questioned. He’s faced a veritable who’s who of modern era Mexican greats as he’s paved his way to superstardom. But when is enough enough? Will Miguel Cotto Prove to be the one to derail the seemingly indestructible Manny Pacquiao Express? Pacman ended the one that belonged to Oscar de La Hoya, will Cotto be the one to disrupt his?

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