Boxing Prediction for Oscar De La Hoya vs Manny Pacquiao
By John Novosalec (Dec 5, 2008)  
I first asked Oscar about this fight over a year ago after Larry Merchant suggested the idea. Oscar said he thought the idea was interesting. I could see the dollar signs lighting up in his eyes, and I then knew that there was a real possibility of this fight coming off.

So here we are leading up to the annual Oscar Circus, live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I have to admit, these fights are quite the social events and it's hard to not enjoy yourself, but how much longer will
we be subjected to them?

Manny Pacquiao is moving up 2 divisions after making only one stop at lightweight, but he has advantages in his youthfulness, activity, speed, and conditioning. Many have been calling this fight a mismatch, but I never have. I've given Manny a good shot at winning since the beginning, and I'm still favoring him.

From what I've heard about his camp, Coach Freddie has come up with a great plan (what's been revealed at least), and the Pacman is in as good shape as ever before. Early on he will make the fight on the inside, taking away Oscar's reach advantage, and counter the jab with shots to the chest and body, while using a lot of movement in and out. Then, as the fight progresses and Oscar inevitably tires, he will turn up the pressure, forcing Oscar to fight on his heels. Brilliant plan, but we'll see what happens once the leather starts flying.

Of course, Oscar is in the best shape of his life, like every previous fight in his career. He's once again employing a new trainer, this time Nacho Beristein, and went back to his old training area of Big Bear. He says he's already on weight, which to me, is a huge mistake and indicates some over training. He may be in shape now, but he'll likely be burnt by December 6th after maintaining a weight he hasn't seen in 6 years for 4 weeks leading up to the fight. Maybe he's lying, but it makes no sense. New conditioning routines and acupuncture are also on the menu at Camp Oscar, along with a side order of Angelo Dundee playing the role of advisor.

So, let's get to the prediction. Oscar hasn't looked impressive against a legitimate opponent in years. Some don't consider Manny to be legitimate, and to them I say don't watch the fight. The Pacman looked impressive in every fight in recent years, and retained his speed at 135, while appearing to have even more power than in the lower weights. I expect Roach's plan to work, and see Manny walking away with a decision victory. Look out Las Vegas, it's going to be the craziest night ever for the Filipinos.

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