Boxing Shut-Out, Manny Pacquiao stops Oscar De La Hoya; Floyd Mayweather Jr should stay Retired
By John Novosalec at ringside for (Dec 9, 2008) Photo © German Villasenor, DHB  
After another big fight weekend in Las Vegas, it seems as though the Oscar De La Hoya Cash Express may finally be making its final stop. Over eight rounds, Manny Pacquiao bruised and battered Oscar around the ring, literally into submission. After four rounds, I had Manny pitching a shutout, and Oscar’s face had it written all over it. He had no answers for the speed and aggression of his opponent, he couldn’t get his punches off, and he didn’t bounce on his toes once. It was the final proof of what I’d been telling people for weeks: that Oscar’s being on weight for so long leading up to the fight
was the ultimate harbinger of what was to come.

Much will be made of the notion that Oscar is shot, but I hope not enough to take away from Manny’s great victory. Bob Arum said that this fight and George Foreman’s win over Michael Moorer were the two greatest he’d been a part of, and his beaming face showed it.

Compare this to what Floyd Mayweather did against Oscar, and I can see Floyd staying retired for good rather than coming out to face such a formidable opponent. It isn’t as though Floyd has been one for taking great risks at the end of his career, so I don’t see him starting now. Manny appears to be continually improving, even at age 29, and it shows in each fight. If that fight were to be made at 140, I’d consider Manny to be the favorite. At 147, it’s an even fight.

Back to reality, Manny will likely face off with Mancunian Ricky Hatton next, and hopefully in the UK. The fight would do bigger numbers there, and Las Vegas has proven in its last 2 bouts that the struggling economy is taking its toll. Even Hatton loyalists from the UK who typically come out in drives stayed home for his fight against Paulie Malignaggi, at least somewhat. The crowd for this past weekend was just over 15,000, not quite the complete sellout that was touted, and not as many seats filled as Oscar’s fight versus Mayweather. Even in the UK, I’d pick Manny to beat Hatton in, once again, more impressive fashion than Floyd could a year ago.

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