Vic Darchinyan Blasts out Tomas Rojas - Ringside Boxing Report
By John Novoselac at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Dec 13, 2009) Photo © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing  
In a wild first round, WBC and WBA champion Vic Darchinyan was looking to take out interim WBC champion Tomas Rojas of Veracruz, Mexico. He swung for the fences numerous times, but his opponent was more than game in returning less than friendly fire. As usual, the Raging Bull from Down Under came out in his unorthodox style slinging huge left hands. With a minute left in the 2nd round, Rojas landed a few hard shots and Vic fell through the ropes a bit in what was his roughest moment in the fight. It was no matter. 40 seconds later Vic bullied and pummeled Rojas, crushing him with a huge left to the chin after another left that glanced off the temple that put him out for the count. Time was 2:54 of the 2nd round.

What's next for Darchinyan? A rematch with his former conqueror Nonito Donaire, who has fell into relative obscurity since taking away Vic's zero. Something tells me Vic is going to take that fight very, very seriously. He looked spectacular in his return to the 115 pound weight class.

Vic said, 'The key to this fight for me was patience. He was hitting me, but I was hitting him back more, and harder. The difference in weight class makes no difference. I don't feel any stronger at 115 or 118, it's all about mental preparation and patience. Every night before I go to sleep and when I'm preparing for a fight I dream of a rematch with Nonito Donaire. But it's up to my promoter Gary Shaw.'

Shaw said he will try to make the fight. After all the talk of not getting the rematch done sooner due to personal conflicts, this is great news for fight fans.

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