Interview with Elvin Ayala: Hitting the Comeback Trail
By John Pullman, Doghouse Boxing (June 24, 2009)  
Elvin Ayala has been to the top tier of the middleweight division. In March of ‘08 he got a chance at the IBF version of the championship, when he battled vicious punching Arthur Abraham in Germany. He went 11 hard rounds before getting stopped in the twelfth by with an uppercut he didn’t see. But Elvin isn’t looking to quit and hang 'em up just because he got one shot at the title and came up short. He has since bounced back with a unanimous decision victory over Anthony Bartinelli in January of this year. He is now gearing up for another step in the right direction. On Saturday, June 27th, he is set to
take another step toward what he believes is his destiny.

Elvin is taking his time and plans on making all the right moves on his road to redemption. “It’s like a chess match. You got to make the right move for the next set up. This fight on Saturday is walking toward getting back up there. You can’t just jump in and brawl with all your pawns cause you might need them later, “says Ayala.

Although Ayala is being meticulous about his comeback, he doesn’t feel like he is that far away from stiff competition again. “After Saturday, two more fights and then I can hopefully get a title shot,” says the middleweight contender.

Elvin should have a good gauge of his progression, after all Abraham isn’t the only top guy that Elvin has been in the ring with. He fought to a draw with Sergio Mora in October of 07 in Carson, California. So, you know what a draw in Sergio Mora’s hometown means. “Sergio Mora moves well and he is a slick fast fighter, but once they said draw, I knew I won the fight and they are just protecting this guy,” says Elvin.

Every human being makes mistakes in his lifetime; it’s the wise ones that learn from them. Having said that, Elvin is completely aware of the slip-ups he made against Abraham. He knows what he has to do the next time around. “I definitely want to see Abraham again. I think I made a mistake. I stayed in there with him. I didn’t take it to my fight. I should of boxed more. He’s a banger and I kinda let that get to me. I said ok, I am gonna show him I can bang too. My style is a boxer, I can hurt my opponents, but I am better boxing. I should of just kept moving and given angles, instead I was just throwing so many punches,” Ayala said.

If Ayala could draw up his road to redemption, he knows exactly what he would do. Ayala continues, “I would go and get John Duddy for a tune up and then I would like to fight Kelly Pavlik. And then I want to get Arthur Abraham again.”

Although Elvin wants to see Abraham again, Abraham definitely has Ayala’s respect, and to him he is the guy to beat in the middleweight division. “He (Abraham) doesn’t move too bad, he can go the distance and he is a banger. I been in there with some guys, but I never met a guy who could pound as hard as he does. It’s not like he just has a good right hand, but he got a good hook and a good uppercut and a good jab. He’s a strong, strong middleweight. I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves up,” said Ayala.

Whatever Abraham decides to do isn’t going to control what Ayala does. Ayala plans to keep moving forward while taking his time. One thing is for sure, if you think you are gonna bring Elvin Ayala in for an opponent, you better pack your lunch. Just ask Sergio Mora.

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