Dog House Boxing's 2014 Robbery of the Year: Danny Garcia W 12 Mauricio Herrera
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Dog House Boxing's 2014 Robbery of the Year: Danny Garcia W 12 Mauricio Herrera
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 4, 2015)

Dog House Boxing's 2014 Robbery of the Year: Danny Garcia W 12 Mauricio Herrera
Image by icheehuahua, Dog House Boxing Inc.
After his fighter, former heavyweight champion of the world, Max Schmeling "lost" by decision to Jack Sharkey in 1932, Schmeling's manager, Joe Jacobs, grabbed the microphone at Madison Square Garden and bellowed, "We wuz robbed."

In the shady world of boxing, there were a number of similar decisions in 2014 that left many fans and commentators shaking their heads in disbelief.

Just two weeks ago, on a special Thursday night card on ESPN, unheralded 33-year-old Canadian, Tyson Cave, appeared to do more than enough to deserve the nod against prospect Oscar Encandon.

Apparently, seeing is not believing as Encandon was judged the split decision victor. Commentator Teddy Atlas went into full stroke mode after the decision was announced.

Last September, Miguel Vasquez and Mickey Bey engaged in an ugly affair. To the naked eye, Vasquez seemed to do more, but it was Bey who got the decision.

Deciding on the so-called worst decision can be a challenge, unless one recalls the Mauricio Hererra and Danny Garcia bout, held in Puerto Rico last June.

Garcia was coming off the most impressive victory of his career, a hard-fought, 12-round decision over the favored Lucas Mathysse. The then little-known Herrera had split his last four fights. Herrera used movement and his best weapon--his jab--to frustrate Garcia. He also connected with a variety of punches from different angles.

When the decision was announced as a majority victory for Garcia, nobody, including Herrera, was surprised.

What makes the verdict so disgraceful is that it was somewhat expected.

Hererra may be the most unlucky fighter in the sport. A few weeks he ago, he did a similar number on heavily-promoted Jose Benevidez at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV, only to "lose" the fight.

But is luck really playing a part in Hererra, or Case or Vasquez being on the losing side of these egregious decisions?

No. It's time for the words of Joe Jacobs to sound as a rallying cry for the boxing establishment to demand some action and restore some integrity to the art of "The Sweet Science."

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