Sullivan Barrera takes advantage of aging Jeff Lacy
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Sullivan Barrera takes advantage of aging Jeff Lacy
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 3, 2015)

Sullivan Barrera
Sullivan Barrera
In the sport of boxing, every fighter worth his salt ends up in the ring facing an opponent whose skills have dimished.

It may be a rite of passage, but it can also be hard to watch.

Last Friday night, at the Foxwoods Resorts in Mashantucket, CN., undefeated light heavyweight Sullivan Barrera went in search of an impressive victory.

His opponent was former super-middleweight champion Jeff Lacy, 37, a loser in four of his last seven fights.

None of this mattered. Lacy is a name that most boxing fans recognize.

Barrera (15-0, 10 KOs) got the job done.

He stopped the super game Lacy (27-6, 18 KOs) in four one-sided rounds.

Barrera, the much bigger fighter, teed off immediately. A sharp right landed on Lacy's chin. Thirty seconds later, Barrera struck another blow, sending Lacy to the canvas.

The ex-champion pulled himself up at the count of four, staggered to his left, and gazed at Referee Mike Ortega.

Lacy ate more punches, but somehow survived the rest of the round. He refused to quit.

Barrera continued to tattoo Lacy with thudding shots in round two.

Lacy tried to fight back, but his reflexes had dulled. Barrera easily avoided most of Lacy's blows.

Barrera's right still couldn’t miss.

In round three, Lacy was wobbling some more. His legs could barely support him, but his huge heart was still beating. Barrera pummeled him as the referee looked on.

The ringside physician checked Lacy before round four commenced. He allowed the fight to proceed. A fair question was: Why?

Barrera uncorked a wicked combination that left Lacy dazed again. At this, Referee Ortega had seen enough. He jumped in and stopped the beat down as Lacy languished on the ropes.

The time was 2:05 of round four.

Lacy was a gracious loser. He congratulated Barrera.

Time is cruel. Ten years ago Lacy might have destroyed him.

The hope here is that Lacy hangs up his gloves for good. If he doesn't, another young fighter will come looking to add Lacy's name to his record.

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