Gennady Golovkin knockout streak hits 19 with stoppage of Martin Murray - Full Report / Photo Gallery
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Gennady Golovkin knockout streak hits 19 with stoppage of Martin Murray - Full Report / Photo Gallery
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 21, 2015)

Gennady Golovkin (Right) hammers away at Martin Murray on the ropes.
All Photos © Christian Kuechl
WBA middleweight boxing champion Gennady Golovkin retained his title Saturday night by stopping courageous challenger Martin Murray in round 11 at the Salle des Etoile Arena in Monte Carlo.

Golovkin enters the boxing ring
GGG (right) punches Martin Murray
GGGhas Murray on the ropes
Martin Murray hits the canvas
Murray gets knocked down by GGG
GGG celebrates victory
Gennady GGG Golovkin talks with Max Kellerman at ringside.
Team GGG
The knockout victory was the 19th consecutive for Golovkin, who also defended his middleweight crown for the 13th time.

Golovkin (32-0, 29 KOs) started slowly in the opening stanza. He laid-back and let Murray (29-2, 12 KOs) throw a number of punches. Golovkin looked to counter--and did in the last few seconds of the round.

In round two, Golovkin began to find a home for his jab--and follow up right hand. He also dug a few shots to Murray’s ribs. The British boxer fought back, landing a good hook to the body. A wide right hand also landed on the head of Golovkin.

Golovkin, facing his fourth top-ten foe in the last six fights, stalked Murray in round three. Murray, an inch taller, continued to throw punches. Golovkin landed a hook that knocked Murray back a step.

Murray shook his head after a Golovkin blow connected. He battled back, but Golovkin stunned him with a right hand to the chin.

Golovkin went back to work on Murray in round four. Another right wobbled the former European champion. As Murray tried to move away, Golovkin nailed him a wicked shot to the gut. The blow sent Murray to his knees. A few seconds later, a punch to the ribs floored Murray for the second time. After rising, he gazed at Golovkin with respect. He survived to hear the bell.

Murray tried to use the ring ii round five. He had tasted Golovkin's power and didn't like it. But he wouldn't quit. A good right hand landed. Golovkin worked him over with uppercuts. Murray gulped air. His nose was bleeding. Golovkin was unmarked.

In round six, Murray began the heat by firing some good shots to the body. His heart was huge. Golovkin stalked and worked. A left uppercut connected. A right hand banged off the chin of Murray. More uppercuts found the mark.

Golovkin was relentless.

The determined Murray set a good pace in round seven. He was able to land some punches. Golovkin walked after his opponent with purpose. Murray mounted a rally that seemed to surprise Golovkin.

Golovkin went back to pounding Murray in round eight. Murray moved and battled. Golovkin hammered him with wicked shots. He moved his attack to the head. Murray was absorbing a lot of punishment.

Golovkin jumped on Murray in round nine. He was potshotting with purpose. Murray fought back, but he couldn't hurt Golovkin. A nice combination bounced off Golokin's chin.

The defending champion appeared to be looking for the knockout.

Murray continued to try hard in round 10. A snappy number of blows landed. The heavy-handed Golovkin blasted Murray with more shots to the chin. They thudded when they landed. A huge right hand put Murray on his back at the bell. Somehow, he beat the count.

Golovkin went for the finish in round 11. He backed Murray into the ropes and let em go. Two powerful rights stunned Murray. The referee had seen enough. He wisely jumped in and stopped the contest.

The time was 2:10 of round 11.

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