John Cameron uncovers the secrets of Rocky Marciano’s life
By John J. Raspanti (May 26, 2011) Doghouse Boxing
Rocky Marciano
Author John Cameron has spent the last two years of his life writing about, and researching, the life of the only undefeated heavyweight champion of the world, Rocky Marciano. Cameron, from Exeter, England, has been a fan of Marciano since he was eight years old. Dabbling in writing, while working a full-time job, Cameron decided a number of years ago to get serious about the Marciano biography. The work has had its difficulties, but the author is enthusiastic about the progress he is making.

Marciano’s grit and determination has truly inspired the author.

“Here we have an undersized heavyweight who ploughed through every one who stood against him. We all love stories of overcoming, David v Goliath, Sea biscuit v Man O’ War, and Marciano’s story is a real inspiring tale. His story needs retelling for a younger generation, who perhaps only has an image of him, cultivated by his either his detractors or those who genuinely want to preserve a particular image. That image has been chipped away at of late”, Cameron said.

Cameron’s project has won the support of the Marciano family.

“I’ve been very fortunate in making contact with both Rocky’s younger brother Peter, who helped amend a very rough draft of some early chapters, his notes were very helpful, and also Rocky Marchegiano Jr. Marciano’s adopted son. At this time, both are keeping a keen eye on the progress of the project. With the first volume almost completed, I will be able to call on Peter’s recollections a little more. Peter was a little too young to be a first hand witness to these years, (1923-1949) but from volume two on his voice will be a huge help”, he replied.

When Cameron started the Marciano biography, he figured one book would be plenty. His publisher disagreed.

“The proposition is three, volume one follows Rocky through to 1949, volume two chronicles his rise from 1950 through his championship winning year of 1952, and the final volume weaves through the championship years and retirement. Initially I intended the project to be one complete thing, but the publisher suggested I go for three. There reasoning was, and I totally agree with them, that by splitting the work down into three would allow me to finish one part, release it, then hopefully I might make a little income off that one to help cover the cost of the next and so on. The volumes initially will be released, eventually, under the growing eBook market, this is great because it allows me to complete the story without having to cut corners. There is no print restrictions etc, so I can really delve deep into Marciano’s life and get in as much as I currently know. The first volume for instance has several chapter’s devoted to the shadowiest part of Rocky’s early life, his service years, and brief amateur career. I’ve been able to spend time on bringing those who fought Marciano out of mere footnote status too, some of his opponents have remained elusive, but I have tried my best to give them their due respect. All of them were merely earning a living, heck, some of them were even touted to defeat him, I guess I just wanted to prove that Rocky never had it quite as easy as some said he did”.

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