Muhammad Ali’s childhood home up for sale
By John J. Raspanti, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 28, 2012) Doghouse Boxing
Muhammad Ali
By John J. Raspanti, DoghouseBoxing. The boyhood home of Muhammad Ali, where the future heavyweight champion first dreamed of greatness, is for sale.

The asking price is 50,000 dollars. The modest one-story home is located near downtown Louisville . The front porch is sagging like skin from a senior citizen.

The Jefferson Property Value Administrator’s website values the house at 23,260.

In front of the house sits a lonely historical marker stating that the residence was Ali’s boyhood home, when he was known as Cassius Clay. The marker also says that Ali lived in the mostly black neighborhood with his parents and brother and attended school.

Ali started boxing at age 12, when his bike was stolen. He was determined to find the culprit and whip him. Joe Martin, a police officer who coached boxing at a local gym took the youngster under his wing. Ali found immediate success in the ring, becoming a top amateur and Olympic gold medalist.

A neighbor recalled how a young Ali would run with leg weights to build up his endurance. After winning the heavyweight championship in 1964, Ali would come back to the neighborhood in his tour bus.

Many of the neighbors feel the home should become a museum.

Hopefully whomever buys the residence will value its historical significance. The impact Muhammad Ali had in his lifetime was immense.

There should always be locations for future generations to visit and study. Seeing is sometimes better than just reading.

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