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Jack floors Groves, retains title by split decision - Ringside Report & Photos
By John J. Raspanti, DogHouse Boxing (Sept 14, 2015) Photos © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing

Jack floors Groves
All Photos © German Villasenor, Doghouse Boxing
George Groves lands on Badou Jack
Badou lands on George
Badou Jack wins
Friday at the weigh-in, WBC super-middleweight champion Badou Jack and George Groves couldn’t agree on who the better fighter was. Jack proved it in the ring Saturday night by defeating Groves by split decision at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Scores were 115-112, 116-111 Jack, 114-113 Groves. and Doghouseboxing saw Jack the winner by a tally of 115-112.

Groves, 27, of England, opened the fight utilizing his stinging jab. Jack, 31, stalked and attempted to work his way inside. Late in the round, a solid right hand to the ear sent Groves to his knees. Up at three, the lanky Groves fought back.

In rounds two and three, the quicker Groves (19-3, 15 KOs) tried to take the play away from Jack, but the Las Vegas -based Swedish-Gambian boxer, who fights out of Las Vegas, countered well. He clocked Groves with another right hand. Groves connected with some crisp uppercuts.

Both fighters went to the body in round four. Groves was using his left hand like a rang finder. But he was also dropping it. Jack slipped the jab and found Groves. Jack was also doing a very good job of blocking many of Groves blows.

Groves continued to be the busier boxer in rounds five and six. Jack waited patiently to unleash his right hook. Was he waiting to much? Groves landed a good combination. Jack stopped Groves in his tracks with a solid jab.

Jack pushed Groves into the ropes and lets his hands go in round seven. Groves blocked most of the blows, but ran into a heavy right a few seconds later. His jab continued to be the key to his offense. Jack connected with a good shot to the ribs. Both boxers landed simultaneous right hands at the bell.

Groves appeared a little tired entering round eight. Jack observed the same thing. He went to the body with authority. Groves fought back, but Jack looked fresher.

In rounds nine and ten, Jack applied more pressure. He appeared to be growing stronger as the fight progressed. Jack landed a left to the gut that had to hurt. A few seconds later, Jack connected with another strong right to the jaw. Groves fought back but the pace seemed to be getting to him. Groves tried to move and shoot his jab. Jack ‘s bodywork had slowed Groves down.

With two rounds to go, the fight was still up for grabs. Groves connected with a right from England. Jack stalked forward looking for an opening. Groves stuck out his left. Jack tattooed Groves body with a straight left and right. Groves punched back--clipping Jack with a couple of hooks, but Jack‘s punches were crisper.

The 12th and final round was fought at close quarters. Jack continued to work Groves over on the inside. Groves dug deep and landed a good shot, but Jack was stronger and looked more determined. Jack connected with a combination that bothered Groves as the bell rang.

“George Groves is a helluva fighter,” said the victorious Jack in the ring. “He has a very good jab”

The visibly disappointed Groves was in no mood to talk.

He left the ring seconds after the decision was announced.

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