Ricky Hatton in a Scandal?! Girlfriend threatens to leave Hatton
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 27, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
Ricky Hatton's relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Dooley went through some serious turbulence after pictures of Hatton dancing with a good looking blonde surfaced on the Sunday Mirror.

Hatton who went on a Men only vacation trip to Spain's Costa del Sol with his firends was pictured in the Sunday Mirror with his arm around the blonde gal. A fellow clubber who was quoted by the publication in regards to the blonde Hatton was pictured with, said: “She was a stunner. Every time I looked, Ricky had his arm locked round her neck and was talking intensely into her ear. She was quite obviously enjoying his company.” According to a report in the mirror.co.uk, when Hatton came home last Monday he was greeted by his furious girlfriend. The publication reports she was so angry that she was ready to leave Hatton.

A friend of Hatton's is quoted by the Mirror Uk in regards to the incident, stating: "He didn't realise how mad Jennifer was until he got home. He knows he shouldn't have put himself in that position but Ricky is a friendly lad and is always happy to talk to people. He's told her he is going to be more careful and assured her nothing untoward happened."
Paul Speak, a representative from team Hatton was also quoted in the Mirror. Speak stated: "It was obviously difficult for Jennifer to see Ricky photographed with another girl but he assured her that nothing untoward happened."

Speak went on to add that although Hatton and Dooley had some words with one another, they have worked things out. "Ricky arrived home at midnight last Monday and she was home to meet him. It would be unreasonable to suggest that they didn't have words, but they have sorted things out now."

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