How many rings and Gold teeth can Floyd Mayweather Jr carry on buying?
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (July 31, 2008)  
In a recent column by Middleweight Boxer, Gary Lockett for the BBC, Lockett gives his views on Antonio Margarito's thrilling victory over Miguel Cotto. In Lockett's column he also hits on the subject of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Lockett discussed the way Mayweather Jr. lives his life throwing money around and living a life you associate with a young "rapper" lifestyle. In regards to Mayweather Jr., Lockett writes in his column: "I've seen this guy throw bundles of cash to hundreds of fans, sometimes reportedly as much as $50,000 at a time. We've also seen the bling that a lot of these "rapper" type young men like to invest in. In fact, it has been reported that Mr. Mayweather Jr has a million dollar pendant! A million dollars, that's half a mil in our money for one chain!"

Because of Mayweather's expensive lifestyle, Lockett feels it it won't be long before Mayweather Jr. will need to come out of retirement. Lockett writes: "The point that I'm getting to is how many times can a man keep throwing his money away until it runs out? How many chains, rings, gold teeth blah blah can this guy carry on buying before his vast fortune starts to dwindle away?"

Lockett's columns can be found on the BBC's website.

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