Zab Judah and Joshua Clottey had an Altercation in the Streets - Bad Blood Boiling
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 1, 2008)  
This Saturday on HBO, Zab Judah (36-5) faces off against Joshua Clottey (34-2). Fans can expect a slugfest as there is a lot of real bad blood between the both of them. Clottey, quoted by the Associated Press, tells of a time four years back when he had an altercation with Zab the ended up in the streets.

Clottey says that Zab had offered him $2,500 to be a sparring partner, but Clottey angrily rejected the offer and a conflict ensued out onto the streets outside Gleason's Boxing Gym.

Quoted in the AP, Clottey states that its not about a title or money: "He pushed my trainer down. That means we have some score to settle. He tried to fight me on the streets... It's not about the title. It's about Zab. I want to fight him."

Clottey is convinced that Zab can not beat him and will retire for a period of a year if he does lose. Clottey states: "If Zab beats me, I will retire for one year." Adding, "No way he beats me."

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