Zab Judah says Joshua Clottey Chickened Out of Street Fight
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 1, 2008)  
As Joshua Clottey and Zab Judah get ready to take on one another this Saturday, they almost got into it before. This Saturday the two face off for the vacant IBF welterweight title at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, but the last time they almost got in to it was in a street fight.

According to Zab, who tells his side to Tim Smith of the NY Daily News, the altercation occured 4 years ago when Clottey after one of his fights called out Zab. Zab who trained at Gleason's Gym, the same facility Clottey was training at, confronted Clottey during training. In the process of disrupting Clottey, Zab pushed Clottey's trainer.

Quoted by Tim Smith, Zab stated the situation was just a misunderstanding and one that he claims Clottey would back down from. Zab states in the New York Daily: "It was all a misunderstanding," adding: "After his fight he went on television talking about how he wanted to fight me. Why would he do that when we see each other in the gym every single day?"

Zab then stated after challenging Clottey to settle it right there and then, Clottey chickened out. "I said if you want to fight me why don't we do it right now, right here. He backed down," said Zab.

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