Bernard Hopkins admits defeat to Roy Jones Jr, not Joe Calzaghe or Jermain Taylor
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 5, 2008)  
No one can deny that Bernard Hopkins, who is easily one of Boxing's biggest names, hasn't had a spectacular career in the ring. Hopkins who will turn 44 years of age next January, shows no signs of slowing down as he prepares for a fight against Kelly Pavlik.

Hopkins, who has had many critics telling him to hang up the gloves and retire with his health in check, doesn't feel he has been hurt enough or beaten badly enough to warrant retirement. In fact, when Hopkins looks back on his career, he only admits that the last time he lost was back in 1993 to Roy Jones Jr. Hopkins does not count his fights with Jermain Taylor or Joe Calzaghe as losses, as he strongly believes he won those encounters.

Quoted recently by Bernard Fernandez of the Philadelphia Daily News, Hopkins stated: "In my heart of hearts, I believe the last time I lost was when I fought Roy Jones Jr. in 1993."

Hopkins went on to add that he understands that some may think he is in denial, but feels the overall general public believes he won those fights. Hopkins stated: "Some would say I'm in denial, but there are thousands of people - heck, millions of people - who believe I won both fights with Jermain Taylor and the one with Joe Calzaghe. Some judges might say otherwise, but the public knows who the real winner of a fight is."

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