Are you Stupid?! Damn right we want Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 9, 2008)  
I've read enough people saying Oscar De La Hoya should be facing Antonio Margarito instead of Manny Pacquiao. First of all, as much as I like Margarito, I am not interested in watching him beat up De La Hoya in his retirement fight.

Secondly, Pacquiao vs De La Hoya makes sense. Makes sense from a both a business and fans perspective. It will be much more competitive then a De La Hoya vs Margarito match-up. With De La Hoya and Pacquiao meeting half way in weight... you can bet this fight will be more evenly matched.

For all of you clamoring that De La Hoya should fight Margarito... you need to shut up and ask yourself this rhetorical question.... ARE YOU STUPID!? No one is listening and it's not going to happen. Margarito vs Floyd Mayweather Jr... now that's the fight for Margarito. If we could get Lazy-Boy Floyd back into the ring... then you know as well as I do... he MUST face Margarito.

Boxing needs a fight like Pacman vs Golden Boy. I promise you... it's going to break all records. I see this fight smashing the money made when De La Hoya met Mayweather Jr.

So the only thing left is signed contracts that feature the signatures of Pacquiao and De La Hoya.

Can someone please pass them the Pen and Paper already!

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