Yahoo Goes bonkers for UFC 87 and not the Beijing Olympics
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 11, 2008)  
The UFC is on Fire these days. The sport is getting some serious attention from media as well as the fans. Fans on have made the internet Giant take note of this past Saturday's UFC 87.

Yesterday on, the internet's Official Home page, (That's right other home page on the internet gets as much traffic as's home page.... go ahead, check and see it's number one rank for yourself,) the outcome of Brock Lesnar vs Heath Herring was the Feature story. The Feature on Yahoo's homepage is the best piece of real estate you'll find anywhere on the internet.

UFC doesn't make the Feature on very often.... so when it take note. As a bonus, Below Lesnar's headline was also the St. Pierre result, Huerta-Florian, Kimbo again, and Rampage' talks.

Seeing UFC featured as the lead story on is impressive to say the least... especially when you factor in the other huge sporting event battling for attention, the Beijing Olympics. As popular as the Olympics were, it didn't over take the UFC 87 in popularity this weekend... as Certified by

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