Floyd Mayweather Jr secretly training for Big Fight
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 12, 2008) DoghouseBoxing.com  
According to MediaTakeOut, the recently retired Floyd Mayweather Jr. is secretly training for a big fight. MediaTakeOut is reporting the information as "exclusive." The source of their information comes from a reader.

The reader tells MediaTakeOut.com that Mayweather Jr. has been showing up at a GYM in the early morning hours. The reader states: "I just wanted to tell you that I work out at [a local gym in Las Vegas] and for the last few night Floyd Mayweather has been coming in here to work out at like 3:00 in the morning. Don't ask me what I'm doing in the gym that early LOL."

Apparently the reader went on to ask Mayweather Jr. if he was training for a fight. "Last night I asked him if he was training for a fight and he put his finger up to his lips and said SHHHH - like he wanted me to keep it a secret," said the reader.

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