No Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar De La Hoya! Pacquiao turns down fight with De La Hoya!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 13, 2008)  
According to Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum, a propsed match-up between his fighter and Oscar De La Hoya is off. Arum tells MaxBoxing that Pacquiao himself has flatly turned down De La Hoya's proposal for a 70-30 split in the profits.

Speaking to website MaxBoxing, Arum stated: "They offered us a 70-30 split." Arum went on to add: "Oscar said he wasn't budging. It was take-it-or-leave it. Manny opted to pass."

Arum also stated he then tried to get De La Hoya to fight Antonio Margarito, but De La Hoya wanted no part of that. Arum stated: "I tried that as late as 15, 20 minutes ago; Oscar will not fight him") Top Rank will now focus in on making a bout between 'the Pac Man' and Humberto Soto in the upcoming months."

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