MaxBoxing and BoxingScene Divorce!
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 18, 2008)  
If it was a Hollywood marriage, then a Divorce after 8 months would not only be expected, but it would hail as a long term relationship. However this is not Hollywood, so you can imagine my surprise to find out that websites MaxBoxing and BoxingScene have ended their merger.

In early 2008, MaxBoxing and BoxingScene via a press release announced they were merging. Now as I read Doug Fischer's Monday Mail bag at MaxBoxing, I've come to learn they are no longer partners. I think this beats Sean Penn's marriage to Madonna?

When a reader of Fischer praised the good work on their "sister" site BoxingScene, Fischer's response was shocking. Fischer, who is regarded as one of the best scribes in boxing, tells his reader: "Thanks for the very kind words, Dave. Actually, as of last week, BoxingScene is no longer our "sister" site, but, um, I dunno, hopefully, we’re still friends(?)"

"Still Friends? Hopefully? Um".... those words from Fischer sound like words lifted straight from Barack Obama when questioned on Hillary Clinton. Regardless, my opinion is both BoxingScene and MaxBoxing are excellent sites, (not as good as my fave, Doghouse... ) but they are much better apart.

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