Paulie Malignaggi seriously Disses Ricky Hatton ahead of Epic clash
By Johnny Benz, Doghouse Boxing (Aug 24, 2008)  
They may call him the "Magic Man," but calling him the "Magic Mouth" wouldn't be wrong either. Paulie Malignaggi has a mouth that matches his fists... explosive! Malignaggi is set to face off against Hatton this coming November 22nd, and leading up to the fight Malignaggi is doing what he does best, egging the competition with well though out insults.

In a recent interview conducted by MaxBoxing's Thomas Gerbasi, Malignaggi let his mouth rip all over Ricky Hatton's ass. Malignaggi not only dissed Hatton for being basic, but also tells MaxBoxing that his opinion of Hatton is a that he is a dirty fighter. Malignaggi tells MaxBoxing: “Ricky Hatton is pretty basic, and the only reason he’s had success in my opinion is because he’s been allowed to get away with everything he’s done – and more than half of the things he does are based on illegal tactics and people just let it slide.”

Malignaggi didn't stop there, telling the online publication that Hatton likes to hold and hit. “I have to make this point because I’m watching (Miguel) Cotto-(Antonio) Margarito and the whole fight is basically inside fighting. There are no breaks, but there’s no holding. Any time there’s actually a clinch, the referee breaks them in an instant and there’s no complaints from anyone in either camp. But whenever there’s a Ricky Hatton fight, there’s always a question of who’s going to allow inside fighting, because he’s the only one who’s holding when there’s inside fighting. Cotto-Margarito was an inside fight that everyone enjoyed, and whenever there was a clinch, the referee broke it right away and there was no complaining,” said Malignaggi.

Things are heating up quickly thanks to Malignaggi... and if we are lucky, maybe Hatton will open his mouth and start selling the fight also. As it stands now, it's Malignaggi who is selling this fight and making it personal. Come on Hatton! Let's get this shit started already!

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