The Return of the Quiet Man
By Bobby Jones (May 11, 2005)  
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Remember in my story looking back on John Ruiz’ career when I told you not to throw your retirement parades for John Ruiz yet? Well, I hope you didn’t go buy the confetti and ticker tape yet, because ‘The Quiet Man’ announced he is planning on returning to the ring after a nearly nine day retirement.

Ruiz stated that upon watching a video of his match with James Toney that he thought he won the fight. Hey, Chris Byrd didn’t understand why they stopped his fight with Ike Ibeabuchi minutes after being knocked out, so I guess it’s somewhat understandable. Ruiz stated in a press conference announcing his return that he wants his WBA title back and that he also wouldn’t retire until he got knocked out. I don’t know which of those is more likely to happen but it’s apparent that James Toney, the current WBA champion and man that beat Ruiz for the title, has no plans on a rematch. He’s looking to climb bigger mountains, particularly the 6’7” Vitali Klitschko. Ruiz, then, will probably have to step into the ring with a rising contender to get another shot at the WBA belt, or one of the other main champions. The problem with stepping in with one of these contenders is that they could answer Ruiz’s retirement wishes by knocking him out. Below is a list of contenders who might be possible fights for the returning Ruiz, all of whom could knock him out and maybe keep him retired long enough to receive his gold watch.

Sam Peter 23-0 (20)

Peter is looking for a fight with a high-profile fighter and/or former champion. HBO may be more then happy to air this match if it means securing a long time contract with Sam Peter. Peter is coming off three knockout victories in a row and is scheduled to fight Taurus Sykes in July. After that, he would be available for the returning Ruiz.

David Tua 43-3 (38)

Tua returned recently after a layoff of more than two years. Though this fight may make little sense for either fighter—Tua knocked out Ruiz in 19 seconds in their first meeting—it may be a fight that could be made. Tua is looking to get back into the mix of things and by beating Ruiz a second time could get him recognized quickly again. It’s hard to imagine he could beat him any faster, but an impressive win would help even more.

Calvin Brock 25-0 (20)

Brock is coming off the most impressive win of his career after defeating former title challenger Jameel McCline. Brock’s next step will likely be against a former champion. This is a match that could happen because it would showcase a possible savior of the heavyweight division against a sleeper of the division. HBO would probably televise it, thus giving Brock even more exposure.

Mike Tyson 50-5 (44)

If anybody needs a win over a former champion it’s ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is still a player in this division even as he advances in age. A win over Ruiz will likely get Tyson closer to a title shot. Also, it maybe fun to see if Tyson can beat Tua’s record... Just kidding… sort of…

These are all people who Ruiz should probably try to avoid, but will almost inevitably run into if he wishes to reclaim the WBA title or any other portion of the heavyweight crown. Like I said, Ruiz said the only way he retires is if he gets knocked out. He’s fooled us once (some may even say ‘teased’ us) though, and who’s to say he may not do it again.

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