Boxing’s AP: The World Boxing Media Pro Boxing Poll
By Julian Kasdin (December 28, 2005)  
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There was a time when every weight division in boxing had one champion, before the plethora of sanctioning bodies crowned their own king, as if creating four worlds completely separate from each other. We, the fans of this once most popular of sports, have been the unwilling witnesses of our beloved sport’s marginalization. Now I am a firm believer that part of the reason our sport has been sidelined is that it is not on network television, and the venues are usually more out of the way locations, such as Las Vegas or Foxwoods, not exactly New York City, Miami or Los Angeles. The other problem plaguing boxing is that we have a multitude of champions. To help fans, and casual sports fans alike, Tom Thompson has created World Boxing Media and its Pro Boxing Poll. The goal of this poll is for boxing scribes all around the world to vote for the top fighters in each division.

The IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO are names that are all familiar to us; these organizations, as well as probably a dozen or so other meaningless straps, have done a fine job polluting our sport. I always try to differentiate between a true champion and a titleholder. In my opinion there is only one world and therefore only one champion. Ring Magazine has gone a long way towards helping boxing crown only one champion per weight division and their title in my opinion is currently the most respected, especially since fighters don’t have to pay to own it. In an attempt to compliment the Ring, and provide the sporting public with further fistic clarity World Boxing Media is creating the Pro Boxing Poll.

For those familiar with the Associated Press poll used in college sports, essentially the goal of the World Boxing Media poll is to get as many fight scribes from as many sources as possible to add their two cents, and together we will all come up with a definitive and universally accepted top ten, and try to provide fans with a clear picture of who the best fighter in each weight class is. It is not the stated goal of the Pro Boxing Poll to crown a champion, but it is the goal of the PBP to try and recognize a fighter’s hard work and rank them appropriately.

In the hopes of helping our beloved sport I would like to call on as many fight scribes as possible to join with Tom Thompson and World Boxing Media in trying to create a universally respected ranking system for our great sport. All journalists interested in participating in this great opportunity can contact me at the email address below and I will gladly forward all the necessary information.
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