Dusty Hernandez-Harrison and Tureano Johnson Win at MSG - Friday Boxing Results
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Dusty Hernandez-Harrison and Tureano Johnson Win at MSG - Friday Boxing Results
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Dog House Boxing (Jan 10, 2015)

Dusty Hernandez-Harrison
Dusty Hernandez-Harrison
Video Below: Full Fight: Hernandez-Harrison vs. Rainone
It was the promotional debut of Music Mogul Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports at Madison Square Garden with a good crowd and plenty of celebrities and aired on Fox 1. 20 year-old Dusty Hernandez-Harrison, 25-0 (13), of DC, remained unbeaten in defeating 35 year-old southpaw Tommy Rainone, 22-6-1 (4), of NY, over 10 rounds in the main event.

Hernandez-Harrison pitched a shut-out on two of the judge’s scorecards but found it not as easy as the score may have indicated due to the difficult style of Rainone. The much smaller Rainone took the first round mainly due to Hernandez-Harrison not landing anything for the first 2 minutes and just a little prior to the bell.

The second round was close but Hernandez-Harrison started throwing more punches landing a left hook to the body and a right to the head. Rainone landed a 3-punch combination. In the third round referee Harvey Dock did a good job not letting things get out of hand with Rainone starting to hold and Hernandez-Harrison landing while being held. Rainone had little offense to offer. In the fourth round Hernandez-Harrison was busier. Both fighters hit while referee Dock was breaking them with Rainone first and Hernandez-Harrison coming back with a punch of his own. Both received a warning.

In the fifth round Hernandez-Harrison landed a good combination while inside. Rainone has never been knocked down in his career. Between rounds Hernandez-Harrison’s father Buddy Harrison encouraged his son to be more aggressive saying Rainone is not a puncher which he isn’t. Philly trainer-cut man Billy Briscoe has little to do in the corner with Hernandez-Harrison looking unmarked. In the sixth round there was a lull in the action though Hernandez-Harrison had an edge. In the seventh round Rainone’s right side of his face is starting to look puffy as Hernandez-Harrison’s jabs are connecting. He lands a lead right followed-up by a left to the head.

In the eighth round Hernandez-Harrison opens up with a triple-jab. Later in the round he may have hurt his right hand.

In the ninth round Hernandez-Harrison lands a lead right which has been his best weapon throughout against the southpaw Rainone. Hernandez-Harrison lands a solid lead right to the mid-section of Rainone. In the tenth and final round despite doing a good job as the referee, Dock forgets to have the boxers touch gloves. Rainone lands a right hook to the head. While being tied-up Hernandez-Harrison lands three left hooks to the head. Rainone knowing he is well behind is aggressive but Hernandez-Harrison counters with a right to the head.

Hernandez-Harrison ends the fight landing a double left hook to the head of Rainone.

Geico being one of the sponsors of the fight had their imprint on the ropes while Hernandez-Harrison had Geico on the back of the belt of his trunks, adding a little more advertisement.

The decision was a formality as ring announcer Michael Buffer rendered the scoring of the judges with Glen Feldman and Alan Rubenstein having it 100-90 and Steve Weisfeld a 99-91 as did DHB all for Hernandez-Harrison.

In a show of good sportsmanship Rainone lifted up Hernandez-Harrison upon hearing the decision. It was a learning experience for the young prospect in only his third ten rounder as he won the vacant WBC Continental-Americas welterweight title. Actress Rosie Perez attached the winner’s belt! Hernandez-Harrison is ranked No. 15 by the WBO and No. 17 by the WBC.

In the co-feature from the 2008 Olympian for the Bahamas and now out of Miami, FL, Tureano Johnson, 18-1 (13), won both the vacant WBC Silver and the WBA International middleweight titles, as Alex Theran, 17-2 (10), the Colombian champion, couldn’t come out for the sixth round due to an ankle injury. Possibly due to being knocked down in both the fourth and fifth rounds.

Tureano’s only loss was last April in a terrific fight while well ahead the fight was stopped too soon by this writers account while covering it in Philadelphia with less than a minute to go. Curtis Stevens got the win. Johnson won three fights after that before the year was out.

Johnson came out in his usual aggressive style smothering the southpaw Theran and taking the first round. In the second round Theran landed a good fight upper cut trying to hold back the ever busy Johnson. In the third round Johnson landed a good solid right to the chin of Theran and later an overhand right to the head of Theran.

In the fourth round while Theran was countering Johnson landed a lead right with Theran against the ropes causing a delayed knockdown as Theran took a knee as Johnson missed with a punch. In the fifth round Johnson scored a knockdown from what looked a body shot to the mid-section. Upon getting up it looked like Theran was limping.

Between rounds ring physician Dr. Jordan was examining the ankle of Theran telling him to jump up and down with referee Tony Chiartantano beside him. Dr. Jordan decided the injury was too severe and Theran wasn’t complaining about the stoppage. Ring announcer Buffer called it at 0:01 of the sixth round for the winner Johnson.

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