Kauffman, DeAlba and Cartagena Win - Ringside Boxing Report from Bethlehem, PA
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Kauffman, DeAlba and Cartagena Win - Ringside Boxing Report from Bethlehem, PA
By Ken Hissner at ringside, Doghouse Boxing (Jan 26, 2014)

Travis “My Time” Kauffman
Travis “My Time” Kauffman
Reading heavyweight Travis “My Time” Kauffman, 28-1 (21), ranked No. 9 by the WBA defeated southpaw Vincent “Vicious” Thompson, 13-1 (2), of Federal Way, WA, for the vacant WBA Fedalatin heavyweight title over 10 rounds.

Kauffman chased Thompson for the first 2 rounds. When he caught up to him he landed a punch or two causing Thompson would hold showing a lack of wanting to mix it up with Kauffman who would switch from orthodox to southpaw. It set the pattern for the remainder of the fight. Referee Blair Talmadge warned Thompson several times due to his holding tactics. In the 3rd Kauffman landed a solid right to the chin of Thompson who shook his head and smiled. Thompson a decent boxer has little power.

At the end of the 5th the fans were starting to show their displeasure of Thompson’s antics of lack of fighting. In the 6th referee Talmadge warned Thompson for using his head while pinning Kauffman to the ropes while holding the top strand with both hands. Kauffman continued to pound the body of Thompson while inside. In the 7th for the first time in the bout Thompson came out the aggressor. It lasted all of 15 seconds. Kauffman was bouncing around the ring trying to avoid being held by Thompson using his superior speed to box his opponent.

By the 8th it was more of a sparring session than a fight as the fans were growing restless wanting more action. Between rounds Kauffman was standing instead of sitting on the stool as his father and trainer was encouraging him to go out. Both fighters in a clinch put the shoulder to each others chin with Kauffman starting and Thompson following. Referee Talmadge warned both fighters.

Going into the final round of this “glorified sparring session” both fighters looked spent from all the clinching. Referee Talmadge did his best to encourage both to fight their way out of their clinches. This was not a good ending to an otherwise fine show by the undercard fighters. The bout ended in a clinch as the fans showed their displeasure letting both fighters know they were not pleased to what they witnessed. Judges Bruni had it 99-91 while both LeRosa and Somma had it 100-90 as did DHB.

The event was promoted by Kings Boxing and XFE Promotions, with Marshall Kauffman, matchmaker.

Reading, PA, super featherweight southpaw Frank Santos DeAlba, 11-1-2 (4), pitched an impressive shut out over game Chazz McDowell, 6-4-1 (1), of Yonkers, NY, over 8 rounds.

DeAlba, a fan favorite did a workman like job in scoring punches to both body and head of McDowell who was a gamer. The accuracy of DeAlba was very impressive. McDowell was able to get a solid right hand in on occasion but had no answer for DeAlba’s constant offense ripping hooks to the body. Each round was a pattern of the previous round.

In the 8th and final round DeAlba was trying to finish off one game McDowell who showed the heart of a lion in trying to stave off DeAlba’s fierce offense of punches. The fans were yelling “Frankie Frankie” right up until the end of the bout. Judges Bernard Bruni had it 80-72 as did DHB, Somma and LaRosa had it 79-72 all for the winner DeAlba. Referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. did his usual excellent job of handling the bout.

Philly flyweight Miguel “No Fear” Cartagena, 11-0 (4), halted Felipe “Pantera” Rivas, 15-16-2 (9), of Nogales, MEX, who could not come out for the 7th of a scheduled 8 round flyweight bout. Cartagena took over in the 2nd round and was most impressive the rest of the way. Several times Cartagena caused blood to spout of the mouth of Rivas with solid punches.

Rivas came storming out landing some solid punches as Cartagena was able to withstand while returning some good left hooks to the body of Rivas. It was a good and close opening round by both fighters. In the 2nd round Cartagena showed an array of punches out landing Rivas 3-1. To the credit of Rivas he never stopped coming forward. In the 3rd Cartagena gave Rivas a boxing lesson. Blood was coming from inside the mouth of Rivas.

In the 4th referee Esteves wisely took a point from Cartagena who hit Rivas from behind looping a punch to the chin. The speed and defensive skills of Cartagena were apparent. By the end of the 6th with Cartagena well ahead winning every round the corner of Rivas called in the ring physician claiming an injured right hand (possibly broken) would be cause to stop the fight. Raul “Chino” Rivas and Rashiem Jefferson worked the corner of Cartagena. “He really looked good tonight,” said manager Mark Cipparone of Club 1957 Management.

Sammy “2 Strong” Quinones, Jr., 5-2 (2), of York, PA, stopped PR Benjamin Burgos, 1-6 (0), of Mt. Pocono, PA, at 2:11 of the 4th and final scheduled round.

In the first 2 rounds Quinones proved to be the stronger of the two landing some good body shots. Quinones ended the 3rd round with a solid straight right to the chin of Burgos who managed to weather the storm.

In the 4th and final round Quinones landed 6 consecutive punches without return from Burgos. Burgos proved to have a good chin and a lot of heart when referee Talmadge stepped in and stopped it with Burgos on the defense taking too many punches without return. Burgos complained about the stoppage.

A pair of raw southpaws in a scheduled 4 had the fans at ringside cheering throughout as Christian Molina, 1-0 (0), of Allentown, PA, defeated Dominic Goode, 0-2 (0), of Williamstown, NJ, over 4 rounds of light welterweight action.

An overhand left by Molina dropped Goode in the opening round. It was a wild swinging 2nd round with both fighters going for broke fighting to a standstill.

The taller Goode had Molina caught in the corner causing Molina’s nose to bleed as he fell to the canvas correctly ruled a slip by referee Esteves. In the 4th and final round both fighters let it all hang out with both taking some serious blows. Judges LaRosa had it 39-36 as did DHB while both Bruni and Somma had it 40-35 for the winner Molina.

Philly’s light heavyweight southpaw Khalib “Big Foot” Whitmore, 5-0 (4), stopped Antonio Liles, 1-5 (1), of Raliegh, NC, at 1:43 of the 2nd round.

In the opening round Whitmore controlled the round putting Liles on the defense. In the 2nd round a vicious right hook to the ribs caused a delay knockdown with Liles in obvious pain as referee Talmadge counted him out at 1:11 of the 2nd round. Working the corner for Whitmore were Nazim Richardson and cut-man Buddy Osborn.

In the opening bout Philly lightweight Lonnie Jackson, Jr., 4-1-1 (1), scored a pair of knockdowns in defeating Robert Ramos, 1-2 (0), of Palm Beach, FL, over 4 rounds.

A Jackson right hand caused Ramos’ right glove to touch the canvas for a knockdown. Jackson drove Ramos into the ropes but he was able to survive the 1st round. In the second an overhand right caused a mouse under the right eye of Ramos. Midway through the round Ramos landed half a dozen body shots putting Jackson against the ropes. A left hook by Ramos caught Jackson coming in just prior to the bell.

In the 3rd a lead right on the chin dropped Ramos. Ramos managed to make a fight of it the rest of the way. All 3 judges had it 40-34 as did DHB. Referee was Esteves, Jr. Ring announcer Larry Tornambe did an excellent job and is a fan favorite.

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