Mike Tyson: "I am just glad this came along" - Iron Mike Promotions at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA Saturday!
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Mike Tyson: "I am just glad this came along" - Iron Mike Promotions at Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA Saturday!
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 22, 2014)

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Iron Mike Promotions Mike Tyson once known as the “baddest man on the planet” took the stage at a Friday afternoon press conference promoting his show along with Garry Jonas. The setting was at the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, PA, for Saturdays event. Tyson took questions about the show starting with this writer telling Tyson “when you were 16 we watched old films (Jim Jacobs collection) at your house." I gave him a picture of Cus D’Amato, Kevin Rooney, Sr., and myself which he seemed to appreciate. “I am just glad this came along and it’s my second promotion with the team”, said Tyson. He also answered he would be looking for a heavyweight whether from the US or Europe in the future to add to the promoters list of fighters.

For the most part you needed to know Spanish and even if you did with fighters from the Dominican, Cuba and Mexico you still might not have understood all of them. That is where Henry Rivalta came in to let you know the feelings of the fighters.

Though the fighters that matchmaker Chris Middendorf put together are not household names pitting the “little guys” usually brings fireworks! In the main event Claudio Marrero, 14-1 (11), of DR, just coming off a title fight challenge is looking to bounce back against Jose Angel Beranza, 36-28-2 (28) of MEX, in the featherweight division. “I believe in God and dedicated this fight to Danny Rubin (young Cancer victim seated in the front row with a hairless head), said Marrero. To this his opponent Beranza said “I have been in many wars and I expect to make this another one”. First fight will be at 7:15 Saturday with a total of 8 bouts.

What was expected to be the main event was Cuban Umberto Savigne, 11-1 (8), taking on Maxell Taylor, 18-6-1 (8), of Baltimore, MD, in the light heavyweight division. “First and Formost I want to thank God for I cannot do anything without God”, said Savigne. Taylor was absent.

One of the most recent to sign with the promoter is Sammy “the who can Mexican” Vasquez, 12-0 (8), of Monesson, PA, who proclaimed “I am a 2-time Iraq Army vet which makes boxing nothing to fear. He was one of the few English talking boxers. His opponent Berlin Abreu, 7-0 (5), of DR has had nothing but tomato can Dominicans so Vasquez said he knew nothing about him. Abreu made a simple statement “I am glad to make my US debut so I can show who I am”.

No. 2 WBA bantamweight Juan Carlos Pavano, 14-0 (8), also dedicated his fight to Rubin. His opponent is German Meraz, 46-29-1 (25), of MEX, stated “we will go to war for I have much more experience and after a couple of rounds will take over”. To that the fighters cheered and laughed.

The highest prospect the promoter has is Erickson Lubin, 3-0 (3), a southpaw out of Orlando, FL, in the welter division who thanked God for this opportunity as did his opponent Tirobio Ball, 4-1-1 (1). On the card is Alexei Collado, 17-0 (16), a Cuban living in IRE, against Edgar Riovalle, 36-16-2 (25), of MEX, in a super featherweight match.

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