Sammy Vasquez Steals Show Stopping Abreu in War - Iron Mike Productions “KO Kings of Tomorrow”
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Sammy Vasquez Steals Show Stopping Abreu in War - Iron Mike Productions “KO Kings of Tomorrow”
By Ken Hissner, Doghouse Boxing (Feb 23, 2014)

Sammy “the Who Can Mexican” Vasquez
Sammy “the Who Can Mexican” Vasquez
Iron Mike Productions “KO Kings of Tomorrow”, with promoters Garry Janas and former world heavyweight champion “Iron” Mike Tyson plan to come back in April but need some local fighters to increase the sparse but loud crowd. Matchmaker was Chris Middendorf.

In the main event Dominican southpaw Juan Carlos Payano, 15-0 (8), whom they call the Pacquaio of the DR, easily oupointed Mexican German Meraz, 46-30-1 (25), over 8 rounds. They had a tough act to follow after the Vasquez-Abreu bout. Scores of 79- 72 and two 80-71.

Payano dropped Meraz in the 2nd and rocked him just prior to the bell. Payano suffered a small cut under his right eye. In the 3rd Payano chased the defensive minded Meraz. More punishment in the 4th by Payano as Meraz runs and holds. It got very sloppy after this point with Payano trying hard for a knockout. Referee Gary Rosato had his hands full in this one.

Cuban Light heavyweight Umberto “El Don” Savigne, 12-1 (9), out of Miami, FL, knocked out southpaw Maxell Taylor, 18-7 (8), of Baltimore, MD, in the 2nd round at the 1:11 mark!

In the 1st round the taller Savigne knocked out the mouthpiece of Taylor after going to the body well. In the 2nd a lead right from Savigne buckled Taylor’s knees making him go into a squat. Another lead right and down and out went Taylor his head banging onto the canvas. Referee Gary Rosat immediately waved it over. Taylor was up after several minutes. Former world champion John David Jackson trains Savigne. Taylor is much too heavy at 175.

Coming off his first loss in August Dominican southpaw featherweight Claudio “The Matrix” Marrero, 15-1 (11), won all 8 rounds over Mexican Jose Angel “Pepe” Beranza, 36-29-2 (28), to a chorus of boo’s for a foul filled win. Beranza stood his ground and frustrated Marrero throughout. All 3 judge’s had it 80-72 as did DHB.

Marrero easily took the first 3 rounds but received 2 warnings for pushing Beranza. He seemed to be frustrated Beranza was taking his best shots and hanging in there. Marrero received another warning from referee Rosato, this time for use of the elbow. He ended the round showboating after Beranza probably had his best round but not good enough to win it.

In the 5th Marrero lifted Beranza up in the air causing a warning from the referee for that and one before it for pushing amounting to 5 warnings through 5 rounds. In the 6th Beranza ended with a good round while a frustrated Marrero did some more showboating. In the 7th Marrero received but another warning hitting behind the head (6th warning for fouls). In the 8th and final round Marrero received a 7th warning. Both fighters were punching when the bell sounded.

Cuban super featherweight Alexei “Hurricane” Collado, 18-0 (16), out of IRE, coming to the US in his 3rd straight time after spending his career in the UK won a hard fought 8 round decision over Mexican Edgar “Basuras” Riovalle, 36-17-2 (25).

Collado rocked Riovalle in the 1st round causing an abrasion on the left side of his face outside of the eye. In the 4th Collado received a warning for low blow and put his glove out to apologize to Riovalle who had nothing to do with it smacking it away. Good round for Riovalle as he did some showboating of his own.

There was another low blow by Collado in the 5th. Riovalle returned the “favor” later in the round. The 6th was the best round of the fight as Riovalle gave Collado a bloody nose in some good exchanges. In the 7th it was another entertaining round. Collado lacks a jab and depends on combinations. In the 8th and final round Riovalle rocked Collado with a combination. Riovalle won the crowd over but lost on all cards 78-74 as was DHB. Referee Smoger did his usual excellent job.

Sammy “the Who Can Mexican” Vasquez, 13-0 (9), Monesson, PA, stopped Dominican Berlin Abreu, 7-1 (5), out of Providence, RI, in the 4th after coming off the canvas earlier.

Many fans came from Western PA to root their 2-time Iraq veteran Vasquez on. Executive Director Greg Sirb held the start of the fight up for about 5 minutes questioning the knee guard on Abreu’s right knee. The fans didn’t care for the delay. This should have been discussed in the dressing room before the fight not at fight time.

After easily taking the 1st round mixing up boxing and punching Vasquez found himself on the canvas in an exchange in the 2nd round. He got up and staggered Abreu who was holding on at the bell.

In the 3rd the fight heated up even more with Vasquez rocking Abreu with a combination. Vasquez landed 4 straight punches drawing blood from the nose of Abreu who wobbled back to his corner at the bell. In the 4th Vasquez picked up where he left off ad the hard hitting Abreu tried to vend him off Vasquez had too much all around ability and heart to back up as he punished Abreu into the ropes out on his feet when referee Steve “Double SS” Smoger wisely stepped in at the 0:29 mark.

In this the fight of the night it lived up to expectations and then some! Vasquez is signed with Iron Mike Promotions.

18 year old welterweight southpaw Erickson “The Hammer” Lubin, 4-0 (4), Orlando, FL, scored a 3rd round stoppage at 2:01 of the round when referee Smoger saved Tirobio Ball, 4-1-1 (1), of Meidian, MS, from any more punishment. Ball suffered a small cut over his forehead possibly from an accidental head butt. In the 2nd round Lubin was throwing left uppercuts doing a little showboating to the crowd. Ball was dropped just prior to the bell in the 3rd.

In opening bout middleweight Farid Aghayev, 1-0-1 (1), of Azerbaijan and Lenny Dardar 1-0-1 (0), of New Orleans, LA. Battled to a draw Referee Rosato warned Aghayev 7 times for infractions.

Darbar suffered a nasty cut on his right eyebrow and a small one on his left in the 3rd round. In the 4th and final round Darbar had Aghayev hurt with a right hand causing his opponent’s legs to wobble. Two more times before the bell he rocked him again. A majority draw with scores of 38-38 and a 39-37 for Aghayev by LaRosa. Darbar hadn’t fought in 4 years due to a MMA career.

Prior to the show Tyson was being introduced by former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes. Last time they saw each other Holmes was looking up from the canvas. He said before getting knocked out “feet don’t fail me now” as his feet left the canvas! Former “white hope” Gerry Cooney who was beat by Holmes was doing the broadcast with Holmes. Head man of the broadcast team was Mike Mittman.

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