Ennis, Webster and Allen Win in Philly Friday night
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Ennis, Webster and Allen Win in Philly Friday night
By Ken Hissner and David Ruff at ringside for Doghouse Boxing (March 15, 2014)

Derek “Pooh” Ennis
Derek “Pooh” Ennis
In the main event at the PA Metal Sheet Workers Hall in Philly Friday night middleweight Derek “Pooh” Ennis, 24-4-1 (13), of Philly easily defeated defensive minded Emill “Blanco” Gonzalez, 10-7-1 (7), of PR over 6 rounds. Judges Rubenstein and Bruni had it 60-54 as did DHB while Carter had it 59-55. Benjy Esteves, Jr. was the ref.

This was a Cool Boxing Promotion entitled Revolution “The Legacy Continues” with their second promotion in 3 months. Berto Perez and Rich Caraballo are the promoters and Will Ruiz the matchmaker.

In the opening round what punches landed were by Ennis while the much bigger Gonzalez did little. In the second Gonzalez did a little more but Ennis had too much hand speed landing a nice combo to the mid-section at the midway mark. In the third it was Ennis now the aggressor driving Gonzalez into the ropes with a right hand to the head.

In the fourth Ennis landed a 4-punch combo driving Gonzales into the ropes. He followed up with another combo driving Gonzalez back several steps. Ennis landed an overhand right followed by a 3-punch combo. Gonzales came back with several punches but Ennis continued winning another round.

In the fifth Ennis landed a good combo with Gonzales coming back with a 3-punch combo. Ennis drove Gonzalez into the ropes with a solid right to the head. Gonzalez though the bigger man was back pedaling the entire round. Ennis landed a hard combo and slipped to the canvas at the bell. In the sixth and final round Ennis went on the attack. Gonzalez landed a 3-punch combo on the belt line. Seemingly content to go the distance Gonzalez never opened up. He could not handle the speed of Ennis.

In a match of super middleweight southpaws Derrick “Take it to the Bank” Webster, 16-0 (8), of Glassboro, NJ won a majority decision over Cuban Lester “El Cubanito” Gonzalez, 12-12-4, of San Diego, CA, over 6 rounds t win the IBS title.

In the opening round with Gonzalez chasing he caught Webster with a lead left. Both boxers are letting their right hands down trying to bait each other in. In the second round Gonzalez landed several good straight lefts to the chin of back pedaling Webster.

In the third Gonzales continued to chase landing good one shot punches until Webster landed his best punch so far a left to the chin of Gonzalez. In the fifth both boxers were daring each other doing more talking then fighting. But the fans loved it.

In the fifth both landed straight left hands at the same time. At the 2:00 mark Webster landed a 3-punch combination. His timing had been somewhat off up until that exchange. In the sixth and final round Gonzalez seemed tired as Webster out landed him.

Judge Carter had it 59-55, Bruni 58-56 as did DHB and Rubenstein 57-57 for the winner Webster. The fans were mixed with the decision. Webster said after the bout he hurt his left hand in the first round.

Damon Allen, 6-0 (2), of Philly outpointed Hector Marengo, 6-7-1 (4), of PR, in 6 rounds of action in the light welterweight division.

In the opening round Allen got stung and came back with a low punch in giving Marengo a minute to re-coop by referee Hurley McCall. Before the round was over Marengo rocked Allen with an overhand right to the head. Allen came out in the second round boxing well before getting hit again with a right but came right back rocking Marengo. Allen landed a solid left hook to the head just before the bell making the fight even.

In the fourth Allen had Marengo out on his feet with a combination. The referee had a tough time separating them with Marango holding. It was a big round for Allen.

In the fifth Allen was in control but Marango always dangerous with the right hand. In a good finish for Allen he hurt Marango with about 30 seconds to go. The fans really liked this one from start to finish. “He would come over my jab with his right at first. Once I figured that out I knew I had him,” said Allen. Carter and Rubenstein had it 58-55 while Bruni had it 59-54 while DHB had it 59-55.

In the third both fighters landed solid rights getting the attention of one another. Referee Hurley warned Allen of a low blow.

17 year-old Milton “El Santo” Santiago, Jr., 3-0 (2), of Philly won a hard fought 4 round light welterweight decision over southpaw William Lorenzo, 3-14 (1), of PR.

Santiago came out looking to end it early and had Lorenzo in trouble. He seemed over anxious and was warned for pushing Lorenzo by referee Esteves, Jr. It was a better round for Lorenzo in the second having Santiago against the ropes. At the 10 second warning mark left in the round a lead right by Santiago rocked Lorenzo.

In the third Lorenzo landed his best punch of the fight so far a right hook to the ribs. Santiago came back near the end of the round with a left uppercut knocking Lorenzo’s head back. In the best round of the fight both fighters let it all hang out fighting to a stand still.

Judges Bruni and Rubenstein had it 40-36 while Carter had it 39-37 as did DHB. It was a learning experience for Santiago after a pair of quick stoppage wins.

In the swing bout of the night Philly southpaw lightweight Seifullah Jihad Wise 1-0 (0) won his debut easily defeating James Gooding, 1-5-1 (1), of Tampa, FL over 4 rounds.

Wise showed good hand speed while Gooding hands held high did little on the offense. In the second Wise continued to land straight punches to the head of Gooding. With a good fan base the fans were trying to encourage Wise to open up.

In the third round Gooding started clowning while Wise took another round. At the end of the round referee McCall had to direct him to his corner as Gooding hung over the ropes talking to the fans. In the fourth and final round Gooding turned southpaw landing a solid left to the head of Wise.

Per ring announce Nino Dubono judges Carter and Bruni had it 39-37 while Rubenstein had it 40-36 as did DHB.

In the opening bout Ricardo Caraballo, 1-1 (0), of Philly won all 4 rounds on the judge’s score cards over southpaw Jose Garcia, 0-1 (0), of PR, in a flyweight 4.

After a feeling out first round in which could have gone either way Caraballo came back strong in the second and third rounds with good body shots. In the fourth round Caraballo had his many fans cheering as he clearly won the first fight of his career after being off several years. All 3 judges had it 40-36 for Caraballo.

It was a good crowd for the promotion who will be back in May and June equaling the 4 shows in all of 2013 in Philly.

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